3D Platformers Are Making a Comeback Right When We Could Really Use the Simplicity

It's a revival of 3D platformers in 2020 with Crash Bandicoot 4, Ratchet & Clank, The Gunk, Psychonauts 2, Balan Wonderland, Yooka-Laylee, & more to come?

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Relientk7741d ago

I love 3D platformers. So I'm glad we are getting so many of them. Besides all the announced ones, I'm also waiting for the rumored Spyro the Dragon 4 in 2021.

NeoGamer23240d ago

Ya, I am tired of every game having an epic story, levelling up, inventory management, blah, blah, bah.

Nice to see some games that are just plain about fun.

Retroman40d ago

Wish Battle Arena Toshiden was being re-made.

Relientk7740d ago

That's one of the main reasons I love 3D platformers. They're just plain fun.

ElementX41d ago

A Hat in Time is a pretty decent game. I'm playing it now

JustTheFax40d ago

I tried really hard to get into it but I just couldn't. Maybe I will give it another try. Something about the art style or colors didn't sit well with me. I dunno.

ElementX40d ago

Yeah it's not an amazing platformer, but it's not horrible

Inverno41d ago

honestly looking at all the games that have been released and all the ones soon to cant help but be disappointed regardless of whether those games are good or not. Its disappointing to see that this obsession with graphics and realism is still a strong focus. I think now more than ever its obvious just how corporate the industry has become. I long for those PS1, PS2, GameCube days when devs were still imaginative and creative. I want more platformers and couch co-op games, and kart racers, and JRPGs. doesn't anyone else find it ridiculous how we've only gotten 1 mainline FF game this gen that wasnt all that great and the rest have been remakes and remasters of the great FF games of past gens

Nebaku41d ago

That lack of diversity is only found in the top AAA games for each console though.

When you combine Steam, the big 3's respective marketplaces,, and indie games as a whole, there's never been more creative stuff coming out on a consistent basis.

Inverno40d ago

The indie scene has become just as stale with all these uninspired sidecrollers and early access games scams. There was high hopes for the indie to fill in the gap left by developers too big for games like what we would see all through the ps2 gen. Personally I've been left more disappointed by the indie as too many have just as much tried chasing after the mainstream, and swallowed up by publishers.

ApocalypseShadow41d ago

They never left on PlayStation. Even in VR there are games like Moss and Astrobot. PS5 will have an Astrobot game as a pack in. And Ratchet looks like a launch window game.

Sony knows that there are gamers who love single player, platforming games. If 45 million gamers play online with PS Plus, there's potentially 65 million who don't play online. Or there's overlap. Sony knows this. That's why they make and support so many single player games. There's more offline than online. And platformers are one of the genres we play.

Darkborn41d ago

Get ready for open world platformers. Wait isn't that Ubisoft games?

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