Halo Infinite's Delay Is a Big Blow to the Xbox Series X's Launch Plans

Ed writes: "The surprise announcement of the release window of the Xbox Series X and the delay of Halo Infinite has changed everything about its launch."

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Sonic-and-Crash68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

i dont understand why they didnt prepare a visually acceptable game up to this time really ...and wasnt one random game , is the damn Halo , the only flagship MS has to justify the purchase of Xbox ...they had plenty of time, a powerfull system and the whole MS empire to (probably ) support them technically ... they went really lazy imo ...there is no other explanation.....

Jin_Sakai68d ago

Halo 4 had a decent campaign but horrible MP while Halo 5 had a horrible campaign but good MP. Then they revealed Halo Infinite and it looked like a current gen game at best. I think it’s safe to say 343i aren’t a talented flagship studio after all.

IRetrouk68d ago

Taking it a bit bad ain't ya? No need to pick on young miles man, not his fault he turned up looking better than chief🤷‍♂️

sprinterboy68d ago

They need to move on from halo and gears imo, new blood, new ips

Viking_mo68d ago


We dont know the full line up yet for the PS5

RazzerRedux68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

"It isn't as if Ps5 had a great launch lineup."

Quick! Talk about PlayStation!

darthv7268d ago

Neither the 360 nor the XBO have a halo game at launch. Both came out after and that will be the same for SS/SX.

chiefJohn11768d ago (Edited 68d ago )

But I bet the campaign would've been great as well as the MP and that's all that matter!!!. Who GAF if the graphics were current gen that's enough!

Outside_ofthe_Box68d ago

"It isn't as if Ps5 had a great launch lineup. I mean.. it has a mini game like Miles Morales"

Lol someone is sweating bullets 😅 if they got to make up stuff to lessen the blow for their favorite plastic box lmao

"It will surely hurt XSX launch window but will help it once it gets released, in a proper way"

The delay doesn't gurrantee it will be released in a "proper way" though. It can still end up being a disappointment ala Crackdown 3. But obviously the idea behind the delay is to attempt to make sure that doesn't happen.

bornthisway68d ago

They aren't as talented as Bungie for sure, but I think MS is equally guilty on this one. First they had 343i develop this as a current gen title, then had them switch it to next gen lunch title. And we all know they dropped the ball with the dev kits, I mean there are studios that still didn't get their hands on the dev kit as of now. But MS have no problem throwing their own developers under the bus and let them bite the bullet.

dietis_h67d ago

@marquinho: it was a lot better than that thing that's supposed to be halo.

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sprinterboy68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

The medium was the only one I liked, but agree what have they been doing for 7 years? 10 years if you count the lack of games twds 360 era.
At best xbox have only had 4 great years out of 20 when you think about it?
Maybe they just got lucky with the 360 launch and picking the right games at the time halo and gears, but they need to get there act together cause I still believe competition is great for all console companies.

caddytrek68d ago

Funny because during those 4 best years they were selling a console with a 40% failure rate that ruined your disks.

RosweeSon68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Bit of luck in the sense that Sony were having a rough gen with ps3 but mainly down to major money changing hands once that did so did the content as developers tend to go for the bigger audiences that’s not shade it’s just how it is if your making a game are you develop solely for a console with 10-15 million say like Dreamcast or 50-100 million at the time ps2s of course your gonna try do ps2. I cannot agree more tho they had a solid few years I was hooked pretty much from launch (month1 rather than day1) solid 9 years but yeah enough was enough paying for online I barely used and fancied a change haven’t looked back, maybe one day. I certainly won’t write them off but not holding my breath either

Caddytrek probably another reason they did so well that gen everyone was replacing their consoles within months I had a easy 3. White/elite which both got repaired and also finally the Star Wars model which I still have but yeah that’s what inflated their console sales hence I said they’d always struggle to clear 50 million this gen with a reliable console 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 ✌🏻😜 I bought at least 3 of the last one and I wasnt alone clearly. I did buy one of their current gen but it got sold months later once I’d smashed the games I was interested in.

kneon68d ago

What they got right about the 360 launch was releasing 1-2 years ahead of the PS3 in the various regions. Without that lead they would have had no chance at all. And still the PS3 ended up selling more in a shorter period of time, even with a higher price.

leejohnson22268d ago

343 has had 5 years since halo 5, i would imagine they had better than what was shown

DarXyde68d ago

Unpolished as it is, a delay is definitely better than not having a delay. It was the right call to make. Pop-in during your world premiere probably isn't a good look, and they can't take it back. Might also help to run it on the Series X hardware too.

What WASN'T the right call was the decision to respond to fan backlash by BSing them. It would have gone over much more smoothly to say, "our priorities weren't in visuals, but the team is hard at work to improve leading up to launch. What we wanted to show was the current gameplay build, and the team is committed to making it a fast, fun, beautiful final product that fans and newcomers alike will be playing for years." Literally all they had to do. Now, the delay just seems to indicate (and perhaps rightly so) that the product was shown before it was ready to have something to counter Sony's June show, which in itself is funny because it is further evidence that they're full of it when they suggest Sony is no longer their competition (the price war between these two as well).

Again, a delay is a great idea, and makes it a passion project. Microsoft is finally learning that delays are sometimes necessary. Game Pass is probably a better sell if Halo Infinite is polished.

LM121368d ago

all the things you mentioned doesn't equal talent. some devs have it, some don't.

cell98968d ago

343 lacks talent and vision. It’s not the first time they drop the ball

medman68d ago

Halo: Infinitely delayed.

bouzebbal68d ago

Worst thing is, xbox and 343 were convinced graphics are world class.. Just see how much they praised the graphics during that reveal.. Was really used as a showcase to the console's power.. It's also the only game that got that much focus on the graphics during that show, apart from the ridiculous useless 120fps for Ori

Phantom6867d ago

lol because they suck when it comes to first-party titles.

SpineSaw67d ago

"i dont understand why they didnt prepare a visually acceptable game"

@Sonic I agree %100 with your comment but I'll add to it this. To me I think it's pretty clear why Halo has a problem .. Open world and 120fps. 12Tflops can't get to acceptable in that environment. What's sad is if the Craig reveal never happened and if Microsoft could get away with never showing Craig before release day Microsoft would have released the Halo\Craig game we seen 2wks ago as it is.. Like it or not or accept it or not Xbox has a leadership problem and it's been a screaming problem for years. I own a Xbox One S but PS4 is my gaming console where I spend %99 of my gaming time so I can't speak for every Xbox game but I can go back some 5yrs and talk about Halo MCC, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown3, State of Decay 2 to name a few but these are some huge Xbox titles and all released with some troubles. Some had lack of content, some buggy, some unfinished and some a combo of all and some not working at all like Halo MCC that took years to fix. While other platforms Nintendo and Sony are releasing Game of the Year type games yearly and games on those platforms that are not GOTY type games they are still big hitting bangers while Xbox just can't seem to find any magic at all and to be fair it's not that their not trying cause they are.
They now have more than enough Studios and talent so that's not the problem. IMO The problem is leadership at the top of Xbox gaming. Phil Spencer may be a great guy and everyone likes him but the dude IMO is at the center of all Xbox problems. He may know how to make Microsoft $$$ but he clearly knows nothing about making good games. Just my opinion I don't care if anyone agrees because I game on the best platform no matter the corporation name that makes the consoles I game on.
Microsoft needs changes in the gaming division. Good Lord that Craig reveal looked like a OG Xbox game in its first year and that was almost 20yrs ago. I don't see in what world, any world where someone sees that video and says "after seeing the Sony reveals, I feel good about what we got"!

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Ristul68d ago

A delay was needed, lets face it, the game needs a lot of work. I just dont know if a few months will do the trick when they have had five years to work on it only to end up with what we saw at their show.

morganfell68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

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morganfell68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Blaming it on COVID is simple dishonesty. They should have been forthright and stated, "After listening to fan feedback we realized the game wasn't what fans demanded and so we are going to delay the game rather than launch HALO in a state that is less than our gamers deserve."

To blame it on development challenges related to COVID after saying it was polished is pure BS. Polishing a demo isn't the same as doing so for an entire game but this title was in mid beta. There is nothing developmentally related to a game that was easily in the beta window that suddenly came to light after the reveal except fan disappointment.

The other issue at hand here is this gross mismanagement has in all likelihood cost MS any decent shot at next generation. I personally didn't think their chocolate routine was going to work with gamers but this is disastrous. It is time for Nadella to step in and find a new head of Xbox.

RosweeSon68d ago

Yeah Covids been what 4-5 months what about the other 48-55 months (4/5 years) 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂 soon tho ey 🤞🏻😜

rainslacker68d ago

At the end there, you assume that the current head of Xbox isn't doing exactly what Nadella wants him to do, which is make Xbox into a service. Do you fire the guy whose doing the job you hired him to do?

morganfell68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

"At the end there, you assume that the current head of Xbox isn't doing exactly what Nadella wants him to do, which is make Xbox into a service."

No. You assume that I do not think Phil is doing what Nadella wants.

I like a great deal of your posts but you are wrong on this account.

The issue is that he is doing it poorly. I do not think Phil is going against the will of MS. He is just executing the playbook poorly. Hence the chocolate remark, which is like Gallagher throwing everything against the wall in attempt to find something that sticks. The service angle requires gamers and Phil's mismanagement is bleeding away the very thing that a service bound entity requires. Personally I am happy and hope that he stays.

morganfell68d ago

Basically Nadella is Dr. Evil and all of his plans to rule the World are going into the crapper because he has incompetent henchmen like Phil who is basically Number 2 in Austin Powers.

rainslacker68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Fair enough. I was being a bit quippy with my post, and didn't mean to imply you were ignorant.

However, I question if what he's doing for where Nadella wants to take MS is him actually doing that poorly. For areas outside the console itself, I think he's actually doing some of the right moves. However, the things that will lead to larger gaming markets outside consoles and PC gamers, the so called hardcore, tend to be with games that we generally don't discuss or even pay attention to.

But, as of now, the console market, and the PC market are important to this long term goal, and I can concede that he is doing that poorly, which is what some people have been saying all gen.

morganfell68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I think MS is pushing GaaS harder than anyone and has the potential to do the most damage to gaming as we know it. They do not have the catalog right now, but move over Ubi and the rest because its their entire plan.

GaaS requires bodies and that is the central area Phil has failed in supporting the MS domination vision. And to get those willing contributors you need flashy billboards that actually materialize at some point. The Xbox has burned through crazy amounts of cash that have done nothing to benefit the gamer (they could care less) but it also hasn't lured people into the fold (and that is their only concern). Initially you have to deliver something to get those warm...or cold bodies that promises garnered. None of their work is of any worth without subscribers on the hook. Things like Scalebound are massive failures that vaporized enormous bundles of capital and have nothing to show for it. The number of people that may have purchased a console in anticipation for a game like that are extremely small so not even that benefit applies.

The idea with GaaS is draw bodies, keep them on the hook constantly, grow your base while doing the least amount of work for the largest amount of money. But the goal is constant cash flow from gamers so some work has to be done. The Xbox numbers do not lie. They are abysmal at best. This is where Phil is not executing Nadella's plan. They need bodies willing to follow them and get on the hook for monthly fees.

Their latest trick is xCloud. I consider services like this, whether it is Sony, MS, or anyone to be smoke and mirror deceptions. It is laughable how hyped people become over some new way to play a game that if you really like you probably own and will run it 99% of the time directly from your platform. Particularly in COVID times, are people really away from home so much and so bored while they are away it is do or die without being able to remotely stream your games? It is a minor convenience that is being blown into a full sized gimmick.

As far as not needing new hardware...this has been done already. Onlive down through PSNow. It is laughable to watch the same people that attacked PSNow talk about xCLoud like it is a revolution. It isn't. Its better because...Microsoft. That Microsoft chalkboard really isn't a joke and it is no longer possible to respect earnestly anyone astroturfing on Redmond's behalf. These fans should be demanding MS deliver first then belief comes later. Until they do that I cannot seriously entertain or regard the ideas of anyone following them with such blind allegiance.

rdgneoz367d ago

Covid has affected development for say 5 or so months. Work started about 5 years ago with a demo trailer released in 2018. They've had plenty of time.

To give a comparison, Ghost of Tsushima work started around the same time, as Infamous First Light came out in August 2014. Yet that released last month and looked miles better than what was shown of Infinite (even on trailers and such in the spring).

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Lore68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I think the point is that this isn’t Cyberpunk 2077 or another Deep systems driven or heavy RNG based RPG, so those confused probably feel that way because this game shouldn’t have taken this long to make. Most people more than likely also made the assumption that this game should have been done well over a year ago but they held off on release to coincide with the Series X launch, which now seems like that wasn’t the case making things even more confusing.

caddytrek68d ago

"Most people more than likely also made the assumption that this game should have been done well over a year ago but they held off on release to coincide with the Series X launch, which now seems like that wasn’t the case making things even more confusing."

I think that's over thinking things.

I think Microsoft and 343 looked at the history of their recently released games and figured if they slapped a Halo name on it they could get away with releasing another unfinished buggy mess they could say was GaaS and xbox fans would just eat it up with out any questions because it was called Halo.

Unfortunately for them people are getting wary of their BS and actually called them out. Because these days even the most loyal of xbox fans are starting to have trouble blindly defending them over and over.

Atticus_finch68d ago

At this point it might be too late. I see another crackdown happening. But It doesn't matter, Xbox fans will "love" it though.

The Wood68d ago

Yeah. . Its 'fun'. . . You know the drill

NeoGamer23267d ago

They can take as long as they need to. The reality is that CyberPunk is going to be the real must-have game this Holiday season. Everything else is a distant 2nd and below.

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SullysCigar68d ago

Nobody can be surprised by this. It looked absolutely awful.

medman68d ago

What are you talking about? Craig says it looks great! Craig couldn't be more pleased with the spotlight shining on him! Stop all this hate and give Craig a chance to shine....he's not hurting anybody.....yet.

crazyCoconuts68d ago

Ol' Phil was even yukkin it up about Craig being the mascot. Real funny, Phil.

Atticus_finch68d ago

The problem is that it wasn't just graphics that looked bad. 1 year is not enough to fix a game that has that many obvious problems.

F0XH0UND92268d ago

Totally agree! People that said this game looked good were in denial or have really low standards. I'm glad they delayed it so the game can get the polish it deserves.

P.S. Love your username, especially now that I'm enjoying a cigar and a beer! Cheers!

zsquaresoff68d ago

Can't wait for those obnoxious "halo infinite dealyed, but why that is good thing for Microsoft," bs articles

majiebeast68d ago

That verge article was just good old ms ball licking embarrassing what passes as journalism these days.

medman68d ago only gamers are in hiding....they really have no tent left to hide under. One disaster after another for that lot....when will they learn? Apparently, never. Broken promises, broken boxes, broken generations. Nothing changes.

TKCMuzzer67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Its a bit concerning when you see how many games Sony have released in 5 years and how polished they are. Seems some serious miss management going on. The series x was already a hard sell thanks to MS lacklustre showing and mixed messaging, now it’s an even harder sell. They are pretty much saying, put down your money to play the games you can already play.
It’s not a long shot to say that MS have pretty much sucked all the excitement out of their next gen system.

caddytrek68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

They shouldn't have announced it so early.

And that was after Phil said he wasn't going to announce things too early anymore. I guess some people never learn. I wonder what else will turn out to be untrue when the console launches.

zeuanimals68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Fable was announced with no gameplay. Let's hope that's not too far off.

morganfell68d ago

I want to think there is sarcasm in that remark...

Elda68d ago

More likely 3 to 4 years when released.

execution1768d ago

I think most of the stuff they announced at their last event was pretty early since they're probably at least 2-3 years away if they were in early development

morganfell68d ago

I think Phil should get a raise. At this rate everything MS is doing that is to the detriment of gaming has little chance of success.

Atticus_finch68d ago

I like that perspective a lot.
Thank you Phil Spenser.

Charal67d ago

So Spencer is the true hero then 😄

nowitzki200468d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Its not that some people never learn.. Some people benefit from lying to their fanbase that is so gullible.

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