Temtem's Console Launch Could Be Its Second Chance

Here's to hoping its second launch - on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch - will give Temtem the lasting praise it deserves.

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phoenixwing48d ago

I was under the impression it got praise but it was early access so don't expect red carpet treatment until it's in a more complete state

MeteorPanda47d ago

yeah lm also waiting for a full release..dunno what that headlines even suggesting

tronyx1247d ago

Temtem is far far ahead of Pokemon in terms of quality. The title makes it look like a flop, it was not a flop, its just not released yet... Still very much better than Pokemons lastest entries.

OneLove47d ago

Been waiting on this forever. How long they going to keep pushing it back.

mania56847d ago

its on early acess, the release was not pushed back, you can play the beta or wait for full game for other platforms at begining to middle of 2021

gleepot47d ago

Second chance? It's still in early access. It's first chance is doing quite fine.