Cyberpunk 2077 Elite Enemies Will React Despite Being Armored and Deadlier in Fights

Senior Gameplay Designer Pawel Kapala enemy behavior in fights and how it is not "bullet spongey" in Cyberpunk 2077 compared to other games in the past.

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FlyingFoxy42d ago

I have a feeling this game is going to run not that well even with high end graphics cards at 4k, a 2080Ti runs the new Flight Simulator at like 30fps maxed out at 4k..

That's partially the reason i went 1440p high hz, i think games will run much better with a higher end upcoming 3000 series card and mostly maxed out gfx settings.

phoenixwing41d ago

I'm running games on a msi 2070 super rtx with a 1440p monitor. I'm hoping i can ride out the next generation with this setup. Although I wouldn't take flight simulator as the be all end all benchmark for gaming on pc it might just not be fully optimized.

phoenixwing41d ago

Also i would like to point out that a google search says the rtx 2070 super can run flight simulator at 4k ultra 41 fps so maybe you got the wrong information.

FlyingFoxy41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

So you're telling me this video is fake? granted that's with a 2080S, but i don't think a 2080Ti will do much better given how close they are.

Games are only going to get more or just as demanding, I'm still sticking with 1440p for a while longer because of that.

phoenixwing41d ago

I think there is a difference between the gpu's but also the cpu you use will make a difference as well. He was using a cpu that was high end, yet, it also wasn't the highest end. So if you have a higher end cpu you could probably push better fps. So take that into account. However seeing the video does tell me that the game is indeed taxing as you put it.

I'd also like to say I agree with you anyway. I plan on gaming on 1440p screen and not using 4k as well.

FlyingFoxy41d ago

Yeah I see the processor used in that test isn't ideal, would have been better to see a more current one.

Either way though I'd be a bit upset paying out on such an expensive GPU and getting that kind of performance at 4K.. It's why I'd rather 1440p high hz, at least you're pretty much guaranteed good minimum fps even if you can't maintain 100+ using a high hz screen in the more demanding games like this.

phoenixwing41d ago

I also am of the opinion that 4k is overrated especially when i can use a 2k monitor with higher ppi and get the same result. The amount of performance wasted to achieve 4k is better spent in other areas. This is why i didn't buy a ps5 because i'd rather have a computer that focused on 2k with horsepower spent on frames per second and higher effects than medium.

Games1st41d ago

Flight simulator isn't a good comparison because it powered by cloud and Cyberpunk isn't a flight simulator.

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philm8741d ago

Next gen console versions won't be until next year sometime, says holiday season on the article.

King_Noctis41d ago

That’s really suck. I really wanna get this on the PS5. I might get the PC version instead then.

phoenixwing41d ago

I'm getting the pc version, i already have some space on my ssd saved for it come november.

medman41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You're assuming "holiday season" in the article means 2021? Why would you assume that? Seems to me the article is saying holiday season because that's when the new consoles are set to release, even though CD Projekt has not said when the optimized versions would be ready. I would assume the next gen xbox one and ps5 versions would be ready to go sometime early in 2021.

philm8741d ago

Medman - Sorry you misunderstood me or i wasn't clear enough. The article suggests holiday season 2020 and I was correcting it because they've already said it will be sometime in 2021. Whether that's in the early or later part of 2021 is yet to be seen. Hoping it's the early part as I'd prefer my first playthrough to be on PS5.

HusbandAndWifeGaming41d ago

You will be able to play them in boost mode on next gen consoles but they won't have all the upgrades of a full conversion until next year

wwinterj41d ago

You literally get the next gen upgrade for free when you buy the current gen version.

medman41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Oh, I got you. Thanks for clearing that up....apologies.

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