The third-person action adventure game “The Crown of Wu” is coming exclusively to the PS4 in 2020

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) and Red Mountain, with the collaboration of Trazos School, are happy to show a new trailer and a batch of new screenshots for "The Crown of Wu", a third person action adventure filled with puzzles and developed under the PlayStation®Talents intiative. The Crown of Wu will be released later this year as a digital-only PS4™-exclusive.

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mrsolidsteel2071d ago

This looks seems like it’s still in the beta phase or maybe even alpha.

TGG_overlord71d ago

And yet somehow it got +115 thumbs up Vs 5 thumbs down on Youtube...

Rangerman120871d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Could be for other reasons, like having a Wukong-looking main character or the fact that it' a Spain developed game. Although considering the trailer is uploaded from Playstation Spain channel, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter. Don't know how playstation players from spain would look at this and be like "yeah this looks amazing" but who knows.

I agree that it doesn't look good. Especially when it's being released almost close to the PS5's launch.

Joshua1371d ago

Probably pitty thumbs up.

ManInRed71d ago

Yeah, that's pretty weird.

SoulTome6670d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Well, it was uploaded by the Spain Playstation channel, and since this game is Spain-developed, that could be a reason why.

I'm still going to give this game a chance. Who knows, maybe it could be a (very) rough gem? Though my expectations are low.

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PrensGaia71d ago

I'm hoping the trailer is just the alpha gameplay.

Rude-ro70d ago

Halo infinite would be alpha.. so this at least beta or ready to go on a Microsoft console 😂😂🤦

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phoenixwing70d ago

there's a lot of stiff animations not connecting. I agree with steel

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Joshua1371d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Yeah it doesn't look good. I get that this is from playstation talents, but even other titles from PSTalents look better than this. The fact that people liked trailer surprises me. Would love to know how would these people defend the game once it releases.

Also, the music used for the trailer sounds very out of place.

jznrpg70d ago

What other games are there from PS Talents? I’ve never seen any before that I know of , I’m curious

Rangerman120870d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Here it is: https://www.playstationlife...

So far these are the ones thatwill be releasing this year. Out of the bunch, Clid the Snail was selected as the best. Some of the other games, like the beat em up one and the Walls of lie game, still need some polish.

Joshua1370d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Forgot the link. I have to try and find it. All I know is that there is are two games called Lethal Honor and Summer in Mara, both of which look very promising.

PrensGaia71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

The animations look very janky and slow. I'm interested on how this will turn out but I have my doubts.

Giraiga1371d ago

The environments are okay. Animations on the other hand, need a lot of polish.

UnbreakableAlex70d ago

Mario 64 moved more realistic than this stiff guy

Rangerman120870d ago

Honestly, considering that this is a game with a monkey protag, even Monkey King: Hero is Back looks and plays better.

Nacho_Z70d ago

I'm not saying it's going to be a classic but the footage captured and the editing was awful and made it look worse, I think there were three times that it showed the player comboing thin air and two of those were when an enemy was right in front of them, wtf is that. Bizarre.

Rangerman120870d ago

Exactly what I thought. I get that this is part of Sony's Playstation Talents, but man, it looks rough. What's worrisome is that the player barely managed to connect his attacks. Almost as if they didn't want to show how the feedback in this game would look like.

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