GTA 5 Update 1.34 Is Out Now, Here Are The Patch Notes

GTA 5 update 1.34 has been released today by Rockstar Games. This is the Los Santos Summer Special Update for Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Mikeyy39d ago

30% off yachts, maybe its time to get one.

CDbiggen39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

If someone who has never played GTA Online before (like myself) were to try and pick it up now, how hard would they find it? It sounds like it's pay to win. And even those who haven't paid have played a long time and got great stuff right?

radiantmind1339d ago

I just started playing about 1 month ago. At first it can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out what to do and such. The main goal of GTAO is to make money. The more money you make the more cool stuff you can buy. Right now is a perfect time to get in though as you get free $1 million every month you log in and play. Takes about 3 days to show up in your bank account. Once you can afford an arcade, buy one and start doing Casino Heists, with a friend preferably. Online lobbies can be pretty frustrating with griefers at times but you can always do a closed friend session, but some of the missions/heists require a public lobby. Casino Heists don't thankfully.

The game is pretty addictive and fun and equal parts frustrating, but I like it. I was never a fan GTA in the past, but def. a fan now. Not exactly pay to win as skill still trumps expensive equipment, but you'll definitely feel pangs of jealousy when you see some one with a flying motorbike with rockets, knowing you need like 6 million to get one.

CDbiggen39d ago

Thanks a lot, that's actually just the sort of answer I was after. I've been thinking about it since the PS5 announcement.

yeahokwhatever39d ago

its pure trash. pay to win and has nothing to do with GTA as a series. might as well play saints row.

Knightofelemia39d ago

Yacht missions eh sounds a little interesting and a new car usually they don't roll this stuff out until Thursday

yeahokwhatever39d ago

does it remove almost all of the crap from MP and take users off the mini map? no? i dont care then.

contra15739d ago

It’s cool this game still being updated