Nvidia teases August 31st event countdown ahead of rumored RTX 3080 GPUs

Nvidia is teasing a mysterious announcement for August 31st. The graphics card maker is hinting a potential event on Twitter today, with a post that simply says “#UltimateCountdown,” accompanied by a video of a star going supernova. Nvidia has also updated its GeForce Twitter account header image with another teaser that mentions “21 days. 21 years.”

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ChrisW41d ago

Here's what I'm hoping.... Sony and Microsoft pushing graphics with their next gen consoles and in turn forcing Nvidia and AMD to bring out the "big guns"

FlyingFoxy42d ago

Looking forward to a 3070/3080 for that 1440p high frame rate goodness. Zen 3 is right around the corner too, good times for hardware lovers.

CaptainHenry91641d ago

The 3080 4K high frame rate goodness

FlyingFoxy41d ago

Well I only said 1440p is because you're going to get much better minimum FPS at that resolution, which IMO will be needed for upcoming games like CyberPunk. There's already a handful of games that hit 30/40fps with current cards maxed at 4k.

Personal preference, I prefer higher frames

ErvinWatson37d ago

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.