13 Years Later, Halo is Still Being Influenced By Bungie

343 Industries tries to carve its own identity with the Halo franchise, but more than a decade later, Bungie still influences it.

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darthv7267d ago

There is still a Bungie connection because some of those who stayed behind to help form 343 were from Bungie.

sinspirit67d ago

4 employees, two left shortly after. None were critical or leadership roles aside from the Customer Relations person. The other is a regular developer with no senior role.

waverider67d ago

if only microsfot let bungie make another game beside halo.... Well, they would still be with microsoft and halo infinitive would be at launch and setting the standard....

spicelicka67d ago

too bad Bungie isn't being influenced by Bungie...

rockwhynot67d ago

But they split with Activision a while ago.

Darkborn67d ago

I don't remember bungie delaying the only launch title at the launch of a new gen because they were using graphics from 2 gens ago and had no direction.

Sirk7x67d ago

Of course it is, that's kinda like saying a game like Paper Mario is still influenced by Nintendo when Intelligent Design does all the development now (Nintendo helped on the first). Microsoft owned Bungie, owns 343, and owns Halo. How much can they really change? They tried to push in a different direction with 4, and people complained to no end, even though it was a very fine game in its own right.