Fall Guys Earns Its Own Crown with Impressive Launch Stats

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is officially the most successful launch for Mediatonic and Devolver Digital. Since launch, the game show battle royal has racked-up some impressive stats, and the companies have decided to share some of those numbers. Honestly, with numbers like these, it’s no wonder there were server issues going into the weekend.

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SullysCigar70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I'm enjoying this game far more than should be reasonably expected lol

I experienced the annoying server issues too, but last night it was perfect. Game after game, straight in, full of players all having a laugh!

sprinterboy70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Yeah it's great, I thought while downloading it I'd be bored after a few hrs or games but I can't help playing it lol. Upto 47% in trophies now too so not doing too bad, slowly buy surely.
Got 2 wins in a row yesterday for my 5 in a row attempt but unfortunatly lost connection to the server.
I know it seems hard winning 5 in a row but I find the mornings are better at getting the wins rather than getting my ass kicked in the evening haha.
Hope the game carries on doing well and more games added.
Mind boggles at what the "dreams" community will do with this type of knockout game too. First thing I thought was actually this could be a easier game to design for noobies to dreams?

MetroidFREAK2170d ago

The server issues aside, I'm having fun with this game. Hope it comes to Xbox and Switch as well. Cross play with all platforms would be amazing for this type of game

ThereGoThatManQ70d ago

No PC is always filled with cheaters

MetroidFREAK2170d ago

Been playing on PC for about a week now. I haven't seen 1 cheater in my lobbies

ThereGoThatManQ70d ago


Lucky, there is a speed hack going around but they supposedly patched it

sprinterboy70d ago

Yeah imagine having xbox, nintendo and playstation team games, carnage and anger spring to mind.

MoonConquistador70d ago

It would surely be more worthwhile and fun to watch than getting into a war of words on N4G.

Vegamyster70d ago


How are PC gamers cheating in this game.

MoonConquistador70d ago

Because on PC, someone created a cheat to speed their character up.

He's not suggesting all PC gamers would or do use it, just that it was an available exploit until they patched it out.

ThereGoThatManQ70d ago

Yes I’m not saying all of gamers do it but it’s a hell of a lot easier doing it on pc than console. So crossplay would ruin the experience for console IMO

Gamble2070d ago (Edited 70d ago )

It just goes to show how the simplest of ideas and execution can translate into a really fun experience if done right. Even with hiccups. That being said, this game really needs some sort of split screen option. It’s perfect for local couch play.

sprinterboy70d ago

It's one of the them moments when we say to ourselves " I wish I would have thought of that idea for a game"
So simple yet effective and we all grew up liking these games on TV back in the 80/90s so why it took someone so long to actullay make a game like it's a knockout is beyond me when I think about it now.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan70d ago

If they can fix their servers and remove the dumb boring games (tail based, tip toe, that memory square thingy), and add a few more "talent" related race, it would be a smashing game. Right now it's randomness on top of randomness where you kinda input some abilities to qualify.

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