PS4 Game Deals: $20 for Death Stranding, Dreams, Days Gone, Nioh 2, MediEvil

There are several good PS4 game deals right now. Best of all, these deals are all for new physical, boxed copies including Death Stranding and Dreams.

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TheRealTedCruz36d ago

I got Death Stranding for $20 close to when it came out, during the Red Box ending games rentals period. I actually made a good amount of cash buying out DS, Modern Warfare, Borderlands 3, and SW Fallen order, being they were all fairly new games selling at retail at the time.

The_Sage36d ago

You'd have to be crazy to not buy Dreams for $20. Dreams is amazing!

callahan0936d ago

Considering Dreams and Death Stranding. I was going to wait and play Death Stranding on PC someday but for 20 bucks, I assume the PS4 versions is worth playing right? What about Dreams? Are there a lot of good user content for it, like LittleBigPlanet always impressed me and I loved playing the user created levels, but what about Dreams? Somehow it's passed by my radar I have heard very little about it... I don't think I would use the creation tools to make things of my own, because I just don't have time anymore to be honest, but if there are really cool user created games (levels? whatever they are haha) then I will check it out.