Microsoft has quietly abandoned its Xbox 20/20 announcement branding.

Tom Phillips of Eurogamer writes, "Microsoft has ditched its Xbox 20/20 branding announced back in May, after only using it once.
The term was coined as part of Microsoft's plan for a monthly Xbox Series X marketing "moment", which began in May with a third-party games showcase. But, after that, Xbox 20/20 was never used again."

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RazzerRedux38d ago

Sounds like they are rethinking their marketing strategy for the rest of the year. Probably a good idea as their first two video showcases didn't do them any favors.

Tacoboto38d ago

Or include things actually running on an Xbox

RazzerRedux38d ago

now there is a thought. lol

itsfunkky38d ago

the most powerful console but never showing it running on it but rather a higher end PC... imagine that.

bouzebbal38d ago

Xbox has no idea what they are doing.. They're just trying things out for fun.

Bathyj38d ago

Have we even had one game confirmed running on Xbox? That's a travesty if not, borderline fraudulent.

badz14938d ago


That's a million dollar idea. Ou should trademark that before Phil Spencer copy that idea

IRetrouk38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I think we have seen some bc loading difference videos running on the box, but I honestly dont think we have seen any next gen games running on the box, just pc.

SullysCigar38d ago

It was more 'PC 20/20' as it turned out

Kaedro37d ago

Are you insane??? (says Phil Spencer)

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RpgSama38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"See the Future, Every Month Until Launch"

Yep, the signs were already there, they said they were going to have an event EVERY month up until the end of the year and after the MAY 7th next-gen gameplay one (with no gameplay) which was a disaster, we had the next event on JULY 23th (which was an even bigger disaster), close to 3 months after.

Now they need to refocus and see in which ways they can scream Game Pass even louder so people forget about everything else.

ApocalypseShadow38d ago

**Now they need to refocus and see in which ways they can scream Game Pass even louder so people forget about everything else.**

That's funny!

neutralgamer199238d ago

Now they need to refocus and see in which ways they can scream Game Pass even louder so people forget about everything else

This is so true since everything is coming to gamepass they kind of get a free pass. Gamepass while it's an excellent service no doubt about it will be filled with as many AA games as possible and every now and than we will get true AAA quality games. It's all about quantity and subscriptions

caddytrek38d ago


"it will be filled with as many AA games as possible "

Correction: as many "unfinished early access" AA games as possible.

hanko1438d ago

first replan, get rid of greenburg

caddytrek38d ago

I mean Greenburg is a jackass but it's Phil calling the shots. It's Phil that is the reason they don't have high quality complete AAA games. Though the whole Microsoft Gears, Halo and Forza mantra isn't helping them and even Halo looks to be another unfinished game rushed onto gamepass.

frostypants38d ago

That and 2020 is a hot mess. Kinda don't want to be reminded of it anymore that necessary.

zarbor37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Think about that for a second. That is coming off one of the worst marketing strategy in the XBOX1. You would think they would have learned something about gamers after that debacle. Nope. At this point they should hire a completely new team. The current team is out to lunch and in left field. If they want to turn this around....again, dump Spencer and his crew.

At least they are quiet otherwise we were going to "See the past every month until launch"

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KratosKonundrum38d ago

We won't be content until the headline reads, "Microsoft has quietly abandoned its Xbox Series X plans."

fewDankMemes38d ago

Yeah “monopolies are amazing for business” said fucking no one ever.

crazyCoconuts38d ago

Yes we still need them in business. I still want my favorite team to win though :-)
Just don't win by too much.

The Wood38d ago

When people say monopolies I have to wonder if Nintendo is a figment of my imagination.......if someone said oligopoly I'd understand.

fewDankMemes38d ago

Oh jeez really so Nintendo has all the newest multi platform games coming to their console that are gonna be on Series X and Ps5? They barely even get Ps4 and X1 games. What a stupid argument. Nintendo is great but they are in their own bubble. They do not directly compete with Sony.

caddytrek38d ago

I'm not 100% sure of your point, But it's not just Sony and Microsoft there is also Nintendo and PC and Mobile.

Even without Microsoft there is plenty of competition in the gaming arena.

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franwex38d ago

Why do you want them to abandon xbox?

Darkborn38d ago

Why do they want to abandon Xbox? Seems like it all the time

caddytrek38d ago

Because Microsoft has so much money it's not an even playing field and they just suck, if they weren't always trying to bring everyone else down all the time I think people would be more tolerant of them.

It's the fact that from day one they declared their goal was to bring down Sony, if they just competed like Nintendo and Sony do where they both do their own thing and don't try to steal the others games and negative PR all the time people wouldn't hate them so passionately.

jznrpg37d ago

They already have started to abandon Xbox . They still have one but they are on the road away from it . PC, Phones and Ipads are now their focus . Xbox as a service is on the way .

danny81838d ago

Wut? Are you okay? What you smoking? I need the name. Your plug belongs in jail. Giving you soo boo boo stuff

Godmars29038d ago

"We" wont be content until MS states and then delivers something of substance on a regular basis.

dumahim37d ago

Hell, I'll settle for once in a while at this point.

DarXyde38d ago

I'll assume you're using the royal we.

38d ago
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sho0ok_238d ago

But what does 20/20 actually means? Is it the year 2020?

RazzerRedux38d ago

It was a play on the year and the measurement of visual acuity, aka 20/20 vision.

LordoftheCritics38d ago

Visual acuity and Halo graphics.

caddytrek38d ago


I'm pretty sure you need to be legally blind to think Halo looked good.

sho0ok_238d ago

If that so then it's a dump slogan to go by.

Should've been Xbox next gen expo or something

Brimac1938d ago

Of course they are going to run & hide now! They overhype their two game reveal events and both were a bomb. What else would they have to show anyway. Most of their true next gen games are at least two to three years away. Hope you like playing older games and Game Pass!!!

NeoGamer23238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Please state what great new game that will ship on either the new Microsoft or Sony console this year to make it worth spending the probable $500 price tag? Better yet, please state a great game that was announced at either the Sony or Microsoft conference that gamers will not be able to live without in 2021 that makes the $500 probable price tag worth it? And please back it up with a quoted ship year in the showcase of either company. Not a date you think it will ship on.

Both consoles look like ---t for games this year and 2021 for the most part.

TheTony31638d ago

Who are these "gamers" you're talking about? Just speak for yourself lol. i'm getting a PS5 for Spiderman.

NeoGamer23237d ago

So, a sequel two a game that is barely two years old is justification for spending $500. They didn't say it was a whole new engine, didn't say it would be just as long as the current Spider-man game, Didn't give any detail on any new features, but as long as it is the same as the current game (except different story and better graphics) it is worth spending $500 + $60 for the game? Oh and don't forget additional accessories.

OK. I would also like to sell you a bridge in Manhattan or maybe a mountain in the Himalayans since you seem so keen to part with your money.

37d ago
rakentaja38d ago

There's probably nothing to show for Series X. "We're back when we ready, basically".