Cyberpunk 2077 Life Paths Trailer Revealed

During today's Night City Wire episode 2, CD Projekt RED released the Cyberpunk 2077 Life Paths trailer. It gives us an idea of what life is in Night City.

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iQuasar47d ago

CyberPunk: Cyperpunk is not a monster, Cyberpunk is a...uh... A DEVIL
Gamers: OMG it's so god. damn. cool!

Nacho_Z47d ago

Looks great as always. I don't understand people who are underwhelmed by this game, what RPGs are they playing that come close to what this is doing? I'm not aware of any.

EazyC47d ago

They expect GTA: Future. The intended audience for this (RPG fans who like cyberpunk genre) are over the moon.

rdgneoz347d ago

Torn between nomad or street kid (for street connections).

medman47d ago

I think I've got to go street kid. Corpo has me interested, maybe 2nd play through.

This is all subject to change.....I am not to be held responsible if I choose Nomad 1st playthrough.

roadkillers47d ago

This whole game just makes me wonder how large and diverse this game is.

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