PSN Users Can Finally Purchase Games That Are Tied To Subscription

Sony has added the ability to purchase games from PSN even if the user has a PlayStation Now or PS Plus subscription with that game in the library.

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RazzerRedux41d ago

"If a user wants to get a game during a sale on PSN while having an active subscription, it wasn’t possible in the past."

Kind of crazy that wasn't an option.

sprinterboy41d ago

Tbh the article is just as confusing explaining it lol

Army_of_Darkness40d ago

If you already have the game for free, what's the point in purchasing it on sale? For true ownership?? Blah... If I finish a game, I'd never revisit it simply cause I don't have the time. Hell, I don't even have time to play the free games that I've been getting on ps+ as of late.

badz14940d ago


Thing is, not everybody has the time to finish all those "free" games in time. And when your subs expired, you are going to miss out on them and it was like you're forced to subscribe again. This is definitely a good news and a far overdue one from Sony

RedDevils40d ago

@badz149 let say sub is expired within your plus account, and you happen to missed out on the game you want to play. Instead of buying the games which could $20+ just spend $10/a month or 3 month and still be cheaper than buying it and have the ability to play online plus all the games on your plus library.

ziggurcat41d ago

I'm not entirely sure why you would even want to pay money for something you downloaded/played/completed for $0. *shrugs*

RazzerRedux41d ago

Well, if Bloodborne is on PS Now and I'm not planning on renewing my PS Now subscription and want to buy the game outright then I should be able to do that.

Teflon0241d ago

You were always able to buy games on PS Now I swear. I've done it.

I think it's about PS Plus and I swear it was fixed like a year or 2 ago, because it asks me which version I want to grab, the free or the regular/sale price. But I do it on PC so maybe it wasn't like that on the PS4 itself

monkey60241d ago

I bought Get Even on its last sale because I wanted to play it and my PSNow was about to expired 2 days later. Im confused in that I didn't know this was an issue 🤨

porkChop41d ago

Because not everyone wants to keep their subscription? I've cancelled my Plus subscription a few times over the years.

ziggurcat41d ago

"Because not everyone wants to keep their subscription? I've cancelled my Plus subscription a few times over the years."

I get that, but if you're 100% done with the game before your sub runs out or you cancel, I don't see why you would really want to buy the game. And even then you'd could just keep it on your HDD, and access the game again if you decide to re-sub anyway.

"Well, if Bloodborne is on PS Now and I'm not planning on renewing my PS Now subscription and want to buy the game outright then I should be able to do that."

Sure, but if you're 100% done with the game before you let your sub expire, I don't see why you'd feel the need to buy a game you've already completed. It's your money, though, and I'm not arguing that it shouldn't be an option. Obviously it's better to not be locked out of something - it'd definitely be useful if you were half-way through a game, but got side-tracked with a few other games.

RauLeCreuset41d ago

In case your subscription lapses.

SpeedDemon41d ago

Nothing wrong with trying it before you buy it.

ziggurcat41d ago

"Nothing wrong with trying it before you buy it."

That's fair.

rainslacker41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

One may not keep their subs forever, and potentially, these services may not go on forever. If a sale comes along for a game you actually like, and it's super cheap, I can see why people may want to buy it. I can't see why someone may want to buy a game at full price, or maybe a discounted due to belonging to a service price with such services. I think it may not be a huge thing, but probably enough people want to do such a thing it's worth having the option.


With PSNow, you can still buy the games. But on the storefront it will have the option to launch PSNow and play it that way instead, or download it as part of your sub. I'm pretty sure I've seen the purchase option there when I've done the trials though.

IamFrasierCrane41d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I’ve had Bloodborne 100% completed since 2015, and I still play through it at least once a year. Why would you want a subscription to affect your ability to do that? It would cost you more money renewing the sub each time you want to play it. Rather than picking it up for $5 in a PSN sale while your subscription happens to be active. You should be able to purchase the game. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed out on a good PSN deal because a game was in my plus library. Also, plus doesn’t cost $0. You pay to play.

Chocoburger40d ago

As others have said, I got The Simpsons Arcade Game for 'free' on PS+, but when it went on sale for the last time before it delisted, I couldn't buy it because of this stupid flaw. I'm not PS+ at the moment, but renewing my subscription is the only legal way for me to play the game.

Now that I have a modded PS3 I can play the game whenever I'd like, but for others in the same situation without a modded console, they can't play without renewing PS+.

blackblades40d ago

So we can own them and if hold off on renewing we can still play them. I also wanting to support the game I really enjoyed and want to own.

ziggurcat40d ago


Well, if you participate in the MP component, you'll need a PS+ sub anyway.

And that argument is bunk. You don't pay any extra money for those offerings, so they are $0.

Class_Viceroy40d ago

Here is an example

Me and my son have been playing LEGO Worlds. It was on PS Now. LEGO Worlds was leaving PS Now on 8/4. I noticed all LEGO games were on sale for like $6-8 bucks during the current sale so I wanted to buy it in advance knowing it was going away for free....but I couldn’t buy it because it said I already owned it. I was SO confused. So I ultimately just waited until after 8/4 to buy it.

In my scenario there was no harm, but imagine if the sale ended before 8/4. I would have to pay full price like $20 for that game because of Sony’s store not being able to give you the option.

So while this may seem stupid or kind of silly, it can easily cost people some money at times at no fault to the consumer. Hope this helps illustrate why this needed to be fixed

IamFrasierCrane40d ago

“You don't pay any extra money for those offerings, so they are $0.”

That’s strange, I went to look for this $0 option and they only have paid options.
Sony also raised the price of plus by $10 recently. Wether it’s online access or plus games, it costs money.

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caddytrek41d ago

It's a weird issue but on the flip side there have been times when I might have bought a game I forgot was on a service I had.

I hope it keeps reminding me of things I already have access to, just with the option to buy.

rainslacker41d ago

I remember seeing this complaint back in when PS+ first started up. It made sense that someone may want to buy a game in case their sub lapsed. I'm kind of surprised it took this long, although I forgot about this particular issue myself.

CWheatley40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It's very crazy and happy they fixed this. I used to have a psnow sub but part way through the year I knew I wasn't renewing it. Well a couple games I was into were free one month for ps plus (Steep and For Honor I believe were the games) but since they were both already on psnow I wasn't able to add it to my library - the only option in the store was the "Play on PSNow". I don't have PSNow anymore and never had the chance to claim those games because I had an ongoing sub at the time...

So yeah, kind of frustrating but glad its fixed.

shabz66640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

What’s crazy is save games don’t work between downloaded and disc version of the same game.

If you used a disc to play tlou and had a save file from it. But then downloaded it on psn later on the save files you had from the disc version don’t work on the downloaded version. Psn is legitimately behind Xbox in ease of access. I hope they fix these basics things on ps5

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Abnor_Mal41d ago

Glad they changed their minds, that was anti consumer, amiright?

Seriously though, there were times I wanted to buy a game but couldn't because I owned the plus version. So if I did want the game to own I would instead have to buy the deluxe or whatever other version besides the one from plus.

Teflon0241d ago

Smart work around. I was always mad years ago when that happened and I wanted to own it lol. Never thought about that

Germ_the_Nobody41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I think it was less anti-consumer and more an issue with the system itself.

rainslacker41d ago

For me, there were times I wanted to buy a game, then went to buy it, then noticed it was something I had through one of the services, then didn't have to buy it. That's usually a nice surprise for me, because I often forget what I have in my digital library.

Abnor_Mal40d ago

I've done that and I've also, bought a game physical but forgot and bought it cheap digitally.

bangoskank41d ago

Whatever.. I still cannot access games I purchased on PS3. PSN and Now are horrible compared to xbox live and gamepass.

Valkron141d ago

I just got Now, very disappointed! I must have been spoiled by Gamepass, better in every way!

rainslacker40d ago

Can't you get them on your PS3?

40d ago
Imortus_san41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

WTF, and all that talk about people not liking Game Pass because they wanted to own the game (when you can buy the game), and this was no even possible on the PS4, lmao.

Tiqila40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It was possible. But only if the game wasn't in your ps+ library already or you didn't have a ps+ sub...

I don't see a connection to GamePass or GaaS at all.

RgR41d ago

I thought this was already a thing. Doesn't it ask you which version you want.

I don't normally buy digital for console so I didn't notice until about a couple of weeks ago because I had ea access and ps plus and was able to choose a version.

I thought I had the option to buy as well.

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