Fall Guys Sets the Bar for the Party Game Genre

With a simple premise and accessible controls, this vibrant title proves to be the most refreshing take on the party game genre since the original Mario Party.

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Tiqila43d ago

"Whether it be games such as the Jackbox Party games for quirky fun, Call of Duty: Warzone for some instant run-and-gun action, or even getting lost in a game such a Journey for a more contemplative social experience, gaming has you covered. However, these games have been overshadowed by the newest kid on the Battle Royale scene: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout."

Dafuq has Journey to do with Battle Royale games? I think Pummel party already is a great Mario party clone with good online multiplayer. Why bring CTR into this discussion? There are shitloads of good online racers... Weird article