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COG writes: It's almost time for the Avengers to assemble! Come check out our thoughts from the hands-on beta as we dive in to the latest Marvel video game just a month away from release.

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wwinterj43d ago

The open beta is on Friday - Sunday so folk who are on the fence can judge for themselves.

rdgneoz343d ago

Next 2 weeks are open betas so everyone can decide. That said, starting missions won't really give you a feel of the end game (just look at Anthem). Hopefully they give people a glimpse of what the end game will be beyond repeating the same missions you have on higher difficulties for higher quality game.

One thing I'm hoping they don't do, it micro-transaction the crap out of it by locking 80 of the decent cosmetics.

Elda43d ago

I'll judge once I play the beta.

Germaximus43d ago

I enjoyed my time in it very much and look forward to the launch version. It is repetitive but most games are.

Nodoze43d ago

I will reserve judgement until I can play myself. On surface it looks pretty decent. Did they mention how old the build everyone is playing is?

DaveZero43d ago

Do you know I was abit annoyed when I learnt I wouldnt get to play spiderman on xbox when I buy the game, but then I thought you know so what its not the end of the world.

Yes its crap no spiderman for xbox or pc but when I really think about it that is just one out of hundreds of characters the devs cant put in. By the time spiderman comes round there will be a fair few other hero's to play in Marvel Avenger, plenty of new additions and who knows they may even find a way to give other platforms abit of there own content that others dont get either.

These games get built over years not months or days, they are pretty slim up until first year and that is most games like these, destiny did it, the division did it and so to did any other open world game. What's important is that you have it in your collection, go through it as much as you can, get fed up of it for a while and come back when the devs release more content for the game. Till the devs release more content and build these games up, the more games of this variety you have in your collection, I've found out it ends up being a back and forth toggle between them all and your spoilt for choice in the end.

Will I buy the game most likely, willing support them on cosmetics no not now because of how they have worked it but I will most likely buy any DLC that makes the game bigger. I had planned to support these devs all the way but why should I now after recent events. I'll just enjoy the base game and its actual content, extra maps, hero's so on and why should you not allow yourself to do that just because of a hero who been held back because of one company.

Business is business and sometimes people just get screwed, that doesnt mean you wont be able to enjoy the game. One little guy not appearing on our console when he is a very small needle amongst a massive haystack of hero's that could join marvel avengers is no reason not to buy it.

ApocalypseShadow43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

"A very small needle?"

Who's most likely in the top 5, and definitely in the top 10, most popular Marvel characters in existence that is accepted by adults and children.

You're right about exclusives though. When gamers are on the receiving end, it's great. When they are not, it sucks. But it also comes down to relationships. Microsoft hasn't built any with Marvel to have their pick of a character or game. And I believe their cancellation of the Marvel MMO didn't help any.

As for this game, I'll wait to judge if it's a good hero game after playing it. Then I'll know.

CrimsonWing6943d ago

I mean this isn’t anything new.

I was a firm supporter of the Xbox 360 and Mortal Kombat on PS3 had Kratos and nothing for the 360, but I still bought it on 360.

Batman Arkham Asylum had Joker content on PS3 and nothing exclusive on the 360. Still bought it on 360 and never once did I cry about it being unfair.

Now, I’m a dedicated PS4 player and I think it’s awesome that Sony gives back to their supporters/consumers. I think it’s disgusting how entitled players get because they don’t get something on their platform. Maybe next time buy the other console. It’s not like Microsoft couldn’t have tried to get exclusive content, it’s more that they don’t want to.

People who are salty should blame themselves for getting the wrong console instead of saying it isn’t fair the other guys get something they don’t.

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