Fall Guys Crosses 2m Sales on Steam

Fall Guys is off to a crazy start on PC, with over 2m copies sold according to publisher Devolver Digital

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caddytrek955d ago

That's crazy growth, personally I got it on PlayStation with Plus. And it's easily been the most popular game on my friends list.

Teflon02955d ago

I got on PSPlus and bought on steam hoping they're really going to implement crossplay. But I'm loving it and I'm glad with the announcement that they're already on to adding more games and such.

caddytrek955d ago

I sincerely hope they don't add cross play PC already has cheaters and both services havew enough players to populate the matches.

nowitzki2004955d ago


How about all the other games that have cross play and are doing just fine? Or do you just have something personal against PC gamers?

caddytrek955d ago


I have something against cheaters.

Cross play isn't going to improve the experience for anyone and cheaters only make the game less fun. Let them battle it out on PC.

nowitzki2004955d ago

@caddy Nice how thats all you chose to read how about games like RL that already have crossplay and dont have problems with cheaters?

caddytrek955d ago (Edited 955d ago )


I answered your question whether you like it or not.

My turn for a question. If the game has millions of people on PC and millions of people on PlayStation why does it need to have cross play at all? How does that improve the game experience for me on PlayStation when I can already find matches in a matter of seconds?

nowitzki2004955d ago (Edited 955d ago )


And we cant find a match in seconds on PC? The game is also new, wait a year or so and it will be harder to find matches and thats where crossplay helps.

And what this with "me, me me".. Not everything is about you lol

caddytrek954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

I'm not the only person who doesn't want to be matched with PC, in fact it's a common topic talked about around here with people not wanting to be matched with PC because of cheating. And if in a year no one is still playing the game (which I highly doubt) then we can start talking about cross play.

I don't know why you think every game needs to have it, do you just want to use PC to cheat on PS4 players or what? If you want to play on PC then do that.

And you didn't answer my question.

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GoodGuy09955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Im surprised it isnt a f2p game though and just charge for the battle pass like thing they have, Im sure theyd be raking in a ton with how trending the game is.

caddytrek954d ago

That would suck, why would you want to pay 9.99 or whatever for a battle pass every month versus 19.99 once?

tombfan954d ago

Great for Devolver, they always try to make different and fun things but this looks like it's their major hit so far!!!