Immersion: Focus on PS5 DualSense Haptics Tech is Due to Maxed Out Audio-Visual Experience on PS4

The CEO of Immersion, the company behind the PS5 DualSense’s haptics tech, has talked about Sony’s focus on haptics for the PS5.

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S2Killinit906d ago

I really like what we are hearing about godfall’s use of the controller.

aaronaton906d ago

I feel like once you've handled a DS5 for multiple years, any other controller will just feel dead and lifeless.

LordoftheCritics906d ago (Edited 906d ago )

That's what I've been enjoying with the Xbox one controller this entire gen. If only I could connect it to my PS4.

anonymousfan906d ago

You have got to be sarcastic... On a more serious note its easy enough to use Xbox One controller on PS4 I use Brooks XONE and it even works with the Nintendo Switch which is great when I need multiple controllers

LordoftheCritics906d ago


You do know that the Xbox one controllers had some amazing haptic feedback right?? The dualshock feels like a cheap toy in comparison. I hated it every time I had to switch to play on the dualshock.

Also the adpater you are talking about does not support haptic feedback with a Xbox one controller on ps4 as PS4 games dont have any haptic feedback data.

anonymousfan906d ago


I love the Xbox One controller that's why I use it on my PS4... I purchased one after trying it at a friends house and yeah maybe the games I played had minimal haptic support but it was pretty underwhelming and certainly nothing ground breaking enough to dismiss the DS4... If you ever played AstroBot you would know it has a few tricks of it's own :). That being said I don't know what to think of PS5 controllers. I like the shape but as for the haptics I think time will tell if it was just a gimmick.

TheScotsman905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

Xbox one is not haptic is it? It's still just motors ? So how is the even the same ? Ds5 not using motors at all is it from what I can figure. Lrm maybe? Nothing else in the wireless Xbox pad but motors, I should know I've had them apart many times

Profchaos905d ago

Xb1 controller isn't haptic and not adaptive it uses impulse triggers to which I've never noticed much of a difference between the 360 and x1

IRetrouk905d ago

The impulse triggers are haptic triggers...haptics can use standard motors, vibrators or any other way to vibrate and still be seen as haptics, less to do with what vibrates and more to do with how, obviously the dualsense is much more advanced in this regard thanks to its use of voice coil actuators, through the whole controller(sticks too) but that doesnt take away from the xbox ones impulse triggers being haptic.

dantesparda905d ago

The impulse triggers feel like grinding sh1t to me. It always feel the same and has no nuance and thankfully is barely used on any games except for a few MS produce games. I'll take normal rumble motors over that grindy sh1t anytime.

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906d ago
Oxen21906d ago

The haptics on DS5 will be amazing, can't wait to try it.

nibblo905d ago

Even after reading the article and watching the controller reveal (never thought I'd be typing that sentence) I still have no real idea what the "haptics" in the new controller is. My guess is that it is still just fancy vibration or something but they make it sound like it's magical.

IRetrouk905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

Kinda but not really, its using new voice coil actuators, so you get haptic in the controller, sticks and triggers(along with the triggers being adaptive), voice coil actuators are much more advanced than the older style rumble motors, they allow much finer feelings, can be fitted in more places and can be programmed with more directions than just on and off.