Horizon Zero Dawn Technical Issues Are "Highest Priority" For Guerrilla Games

“We have been monitoring all of our channels and are aware that some players have been experiencing crashes and other technical issues, ” said Guerrilla Games in a statement shared on Steam. “Please know that we are investigating your reports as our highest priority.”

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AspiringProGenji73d ago

I have an i7 7700k, GTX 1080 and 16 gb ram

I have most of the settings ultra except for clouds and reflection which are medium since I don’t care about those. I get 50 fps on average with drops to 45 at times playing with ultrawide res. The game looks awesome and plays awesome. Anyone with a GTX 1080 will play the game just fine

But this is a disappointing port. The settings are lackluster overall. I have only experienced one crash in 8 hours of gameplay. There are graphical glitches and stuttering, and I also noticed the lip sincyn has issues too that I never noticed on PS4. These are issues that will be fixed with a patch but i will still be a disappointing port

Still an awesome game

RaiderNation71d ago

It's their very first PC port. I'd give them just a little bit of slack as it can't be easy trying to optimize for so many different configurations, especially from a dev who's been accustomed to developing for one platform. Plus as long as they are working to fix the issues in a reasonable amount of time, I can't complain too loudly.


If they want slack at their first attempt then I suggest they don't charge £50

nowitzki200471d ago (Edited 71d ago )

For me it hasnt been bad. Crashed 2 times total when I first launched the game. The game stutters for a few seconds when I first load up in to the world and then it is perfectly fine. I can see them fixing this easily, maybe a month

badz14971d ago

NOPE! The port was handled by someone else. They are they one who should he looking at it. The highest priority for Guerilla at the moment should be Horizon 2 for the PS5. PERIOD!

Xx_Pistol_xX71d ago

And it honestly should be. PC guys are busy buying Fall guys instead.