Horizon Zero Dawn Lacks a Big Visual Feature On PC Compared To PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn is out now for PC. It is apparently suffering from major issues including one that strips away a major visual feature.

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Tekken6663439d ago (Edited 39d ago )

No snow deformation in pc version -

this is downright poor marketing from GG and Sony. pc gamers were marketed a "complete edition".
only to find out that it's missing more features. it goes to show you not always does brand name reflect quality.
the game is $50 too on PC! and GG made sure steam gamers payed every penny for their sloppy port!
this had better get fixed!

Tech539d ago (Edited 39d ago )

it is a disservice no doubt to pc gamers that bought into believing the brand name always delivers on quality.
all that it means is that no company can fully deliver on day one these days. and this will unlikely gain the trust of pc gamers buying into their brand based on day one quality.

--Onilink--38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The thing is, Day 1 doesnt really apply in this case. They are not rushing to meet the launch on another platform, it was not a launch date promised a while ago, its not something that had been delayed multiple times.

They had complete control on when to launch the game and still chose to release it in this state

DevilOgreFish39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

PC - gamers "what's the point of bringing this game to pc?"

Console gamer - "to bring them over to buy a ps5."

PC gamers - "well they just killed it for that. no trust, no buy."

TheKingKratos38d ago

Hmmm, did you really find that funny in your head before typing it ?

MarkyMark8938d ago (Edited 38d ago )

That's all I saw on just about every article related to the games PC launch, story after story, the same line uttered. Lol so you are onto something, but I think all the hardware coming out is playing the biggest role in the PC crowd not wanting to buy a next gen console..

Intel is fucked if the retail product will be anything like the current engineering samples for Zen 3, then we still have the battle between Nvidia and AMD to look forward to. Sony and MS should have waited another year for a console release, they could have snatched up stronger hardware at a cheaper cost then they paid now. Its about to get crazy this year and leading into 2021 with the amount of hardware AMD plans to release.. hopefully it shakes things up and wakes the sleeping giant that is Nvidia.

saint_seya38d ago

But i saw it at $29 on epic store, and 2100 argenitinan pesos on steam (around $30)..

Donnie8138d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It’s absolutely a joke. Sony better get these things right since they are gonna be launching every game on pc

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Elda38d ago

It seems as of now the best place to play is on the PS4 especially the PS4 Pro.

Abnor_Mal38d ago

for the PlayerS 4 real.

Sometime when you covet what others have, you may find what works for others doesn't work for you.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro38d ago

Not true at all. Despite some issues, the PC version is much better. 30fps on PS4 is absolutely unplayable after playing this at 60fps and above on PC.

Elda38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Totally untrue. I played the original including The Frozen Wilds on my PS4 Pro & displayed on a 2016 55 Samsung 4k hdr tv & the game looked & played fabulously. There are no issues playing HZD on PS4 consoles.

Rocketisleague38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Elda....30fps is the issue. 60fps plays better. Especially in shooters.also looks way smoother for effects.

One thing console only gamers ever miss. You don't know how bad 30fps is until you play many games at 60fps

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Razmiran38d ago

Just because you have low standards does not mean everyone else should lower theirs

Elda38d ago

117 million PS4 & Pro owners including over 10 million people that bought HZD to play on the console lowered their standards?? LMAO!! Your comment is a joke.

Razmiran38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The 10 million people who bought HZD on ps4 had no options for a better version until now

kneon38d ago

Just because you're incapable of adapting to lower frames doesn't mean the rest of us are just as incompetent.

rainslacker38d ago

I lower my standards to play great games, and my standards don't require 60fps to consider a game good or playable.

Razmiran38d ago

Oh dont gent me wrong, I played it on a ps4 pro and thought it looked great, but its no longer the best place to play

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TheOptimist38d ago

I am not here for the pro PS4 or pro PC stuff, just her to say, stop relating quality of games to sales. If sales were a huge metric, CoD would be GOTY every year.

Steves jobs said a long while ago that mediocrity sells.

aquamala38d ago

It really isn’t. A PC game running at only 30 fps people would say it has performance issues but that’s what HZD runs at on PS4 Pro.

anubusgold38d ago

ps4 cant even beat a rx 580 so this was a cheap cash grab. And just like that avengers game tell this ripoff of a game to go to you know where.

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Nodoze38d ago

Why are PC players and critics so damn picky? I mean you are getting access to an EXCELLENT title. Enjoy it.

Otherwise Sony should just keep them locked on the PS4 platform only.

Repjaws38d ago

lol this is one of the worst comments I've read on this site and that's saying something. Yeah lads be thankful for the broken port that's missing features. Oh you paid money for it and Sony didn't mention the broken port and missing features? Stop complaining guys be happy with what you have. Absolute state of modern gaming audience baffles me.

Traecy38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

So basically Sony should have just kept HZD solely on PS4 consoles where the exclusive was intended.

LordoftheCritics38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Just wait till a 3rd party game has even one extra shadow on either one of the consoles. All hell's gonna break loose.

I mean PS4pro and X1X have been battling over native 4k vs checkerboard for a while now.

Toiletsteak38d ago

So we should just accept a bad port just because a game is excellent? We get enough bad ports as it is.

LordoftheCritics38d ago

Yes you have to accept a bad port. You are lucky to even get to smell a PS game on PC. Show some respect.

Bend the knee.

I think that's what all these commenters mean to say.

MarkyMark8938d ago

We must bow down the Sony gods have given us a gift... Lolololol the Sony loyalist kill me on this site.. Why I reply and comment but never check any of the notifications, its so toxic

rainslacker38d ago

You don't have to accept it. You don't have to buy it if it's not acceptable to you. Express why if you want, but stop acting like you've been screwed over, because you really haven't.

Sunny_D38d ago

Yeah that’s stupid to say. A port should be running at the same quality of the original game.

KwietStorm38d ago

An excellent title with a lot of bugs. Guess we should all celebrate any time we're given scraps, just because they were given to us, especially 3 year old scraps that still cost money. And overlord Sony should take their ball and go home if anyone dares to say a word about it. That's what you're saying, right?

AspiringProGenji38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

My game has crashed 3 times already. It is an excellent game but it needs more work.

Sophisticated_Chap38d ago

@ Nodoze

And this is why console player are referred to as being peasants. You will eat all the poor quality gruel you are served on your simple little platform and you will thankful for it, whether you like it or not.

MWH38d ago

then when it's the other way around i expect you to accept what you get and remain silent.

miggoust38d ago

Played it on PS4 pro, didn't enjoy. Great visuals, lacking story and bland character development.
Tried it on PC, better visuals, still not enough to keep me interested.
You can keep it.

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TheRealTedCruz38d ago

Higher fidelity and FPS > snow deformation
Though I'm sure that will come in a patch at some point.

generic-user-name38d ago

Playing it in 2017 > Higher fidelity and FPS.

TheRealTedCruz38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You're a complete dork for even caring about that. Do you really think people who spend a couple grand every decade to keep their PCs up to date care about dropping a few hundred on a console.
Most PC people have consoles. Most PC people play these games when they come out. They also then, sometimes, repurchase them on PC for things like better visuals, performance, and mods.
Kind of like how console players pay for remasters every gen, but with less value had in the final product.

It's console only gamers who miss out, because they choose to only spend the bare minimum into their hobby.

Face it. Year after year, as tech advances, PC versions of games get better and better. Whereas console games, unless they pull a MS and hire a team to actually improve older games through emulation, stay at the exact same quality as when released. But, again, you can always repurchase the inevitable remaster.
At least you're getting thrown a bone this gen, with some devs allowing you to upgrade to the next gen version. Console gaming is somewhat catching up a bit in that respect.

generic-user-name38d ago

"Most PC people have consoles"

Citation needed.

Psychotica38d ago

Because unlike most console gamers, PC gamers aren't little kids waiting for their parents to buy them stuff, that's why they can afford a good gaming PC.

MagicLebronJordan38d ago

Wowzers, this game needs updates. Launched the game 3 times before it did not crash just launching it.

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