4 Things State of Play Got Right

The PlayStation Brahs:

“The latest State of Play showcased a slate of upcoming games across the PS4, PS5, and PS VR. Here’s what we think they got right!“

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Godmars290443d ago

It showed games, gameplay and failed to raise negative questions about either. What else did it need to do to "get things right"?

DigitallyAfflicted443d ago

It did what it supposed to do, quick update on what's coming to PlayStation in near future

Imortus_san443d ago

Sorry, but this was even worse then the other episodes of State of Play, making this 40m long to show so little was a mistake.

philm87443d ago

Why? You don't have to watch it all.

Imortus_san443d ago

It's only natural to always watch the full event to know the games.

jukins443d ago

so it's natural to watch a full event you get said event full of gamss and its a mistake? Lol

Imortus_san442d ago

How do know the event is going to be? Or you see it or you wait for the next day news, I took my time to see it, simpkle as that, or are you some how confused?

philm87443d ago

It's just a bit of game news, probably doesn't require anyone to over analyse it.

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