Overwatch Fanbase Raises Concerns as the Team Based Hero Shooter Loses Another Writer

Shortly after one revolutionary writer of Overwatch lore departs from Blizzard, fan favorite Alyssa Wong has also announced that she is leaving the team, leaving fans unsure of what is to come.

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GamesAsAService43d ago

As someone who has sunken a decent amount of time into this game, I will say that lore is not a focus. It is nice table dressing but by no means the hook. If you were to ask the majority of the Overwatch fanbase they would not be able to articulate character backstories and significant events in the universe. The closest thing Overwatch has to lore would be the interesting and diverse character designs.

There is a desire to see the world of Overwatch developed further, and this seems to be the approach for the expansion/sequel.

I would be more concerned by this news if the game had a robust single player portion that was already being played.

The gameplay is the appeal.

PeaSFor43d ago

Nobody care about the lore, excepted weirdos who need to see their sexual orientation being applied on fictional characters, its a team based shooter....not a homoerotic date sim.