Marvel’s Avengers Also Has Exclusive Content Locked to Specific Phone Providers

More Marve's Avengers exclusive content has been revealed today, as this time, it's for specific mobile phone providers.

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Sitdown52d ago

Specific cell providers or provider? I wonder what Boost Mobile and Metro will be getting.

Nitrowolf252d ago

Verizon and Virgin Mobile has their own set of skins, not sure if anyone else

morganfell52d ago

They get the rap video that Grey Hulk is doing. Some of those skins are nothing about which to be jealous.

neomahi52d ago

Hm. Well, as opposed to the Spider-man content on Sony hardware, all of these skins are TIMED exclusives. Once Square decides they wanna make money, when this has expired, they're make it available to all, just not at initial start. Anyone who has a brain knows this. It's marketing and building hype and demand, and then cashing out in the end when you've exhausted all your options, you can see it coming a mile away. Don't people, in time--if you're still playing the game-- it'll happen. Spider-Man, however, will not because Sony owns the rights, unless once they've made their money off of the exclusivity benefiting their platform at first and want to branch out and make more money, then it could happen. This is why timed exclusive content sucks, it's a tease just to piss consumers off for a little extra money. It's either exclusive or it isn't, don't tease us with the possibility it could come later, because by then it's lost it's affect and is old news and new content has come out. I hate timed exclusive content. But, fans will eventually get nearly all of it in time, it's the nature of the game industry, and it sucks.

excaliburps52d ago

Yep. I agree. Not that big of a deal for me. I don't like it, but it's just skins and these usually are given away as free after a specific period of time.

gamer780452d ago

I’m not really impressed with the additional outfits I. This game it’s basically color swap with maybe 2 different costumes... hope they add more

SegaGamer52d ago

All of this fuss over a game that doesn't even look that good.

-Foxtrot52d ago

Yeah, I mean if it was something like Cyberpunk or something I'd understand but this didn't really all look that amazing from the start.

We knew this type of game was going to do these types of things and that's the just start, MT's and the like will be next.

The_Sage52d ago

Uh... But based on the gameplay I've seen thus far, Cyberpunk doesn't look that great either. I really want to really want Cyberpunk, but I keep getting let down.

RememberThe35751d ago

Why do you want to like something you clearly don't like? Cyberpunk looks fkn dope to me so I want it. I don't like TLOU2, but for literally none of the reason I've seen people complain about. We all have taste and you damn sure don't need to like something that just doesn't resonate with you.

KionicWarlord22252d ago

Absolutely ridiculous.

this needs to scrapped immediately.

The_Sage52d ago

I can't help but think colonic when I see your name. I'm not trying to be insulting, just a funny fact.

Spenok51d ago


Thats an absurd claim/request. 🤣

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The story is too old to be commented.