Street Fighter V Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono Leaving Capcom

Few among Capcom’s developers are as well known as Yoshinori Ono, who has basically been the face of the Street Fighter series since IV. Now, he's leaving the company ad the brand.

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Fluttershy7740d ago

Not sure if good or bad. SFIV was amazing, Capcom had a winner there they should have supported it. SFV is Ok. Fighting games are a niche thing, so they try to incorporate as much people as they can, but when the game is so basic and easy to execute, it becomes boring after a while. A good fighting game is a hardcore game.
What I want from Capcom for the future is another Alpha, with the same amazing art style and animation (that's key) but Hardcore don't make it accessible... if you want to be good, learn it.

Abriael40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Losing a developer as experienced as Ono-san is never good. He may have made mistakes, like everyone, but the experience he brings to the table (of good and bad things) is doubtlessly valuable.

Sonic-and-Crash40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@FLutter... i agree with Flutter....i wouldnt call that a loss for Capcom , Yoshinori along with other new generation developers were responsible for wasting/destroying a lot of legendary Capcom franchises ....just remember RE 5-6-7 (and probably 8) , under the supervising of Jun Takeuchi , or DmC and UVM3 ...

These younger generation developers were underdogs previously on big games but not directors or high ranked developers and that s why dont know how to properly make great games or reboot them ...Capcom made a lot of mistakes the past 10-15 years putting these guys in director /producer positions

jznrpg39d ago

@Sonic you aren’t blaming management at all which makes little sense . Corporate had the ability to green light projects , not the devs themselves . Sure devs can make bad games but the past mistakes of Capcom and even Street Fighter are definitely part of managements fault . I don’t have direct knowledge but I do know when you fail at a company it always starts at the top .

Sonic-and-Crash39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@jznrpg.....yes iagree ...the problems are mainly management s fault by just greenlighting the funding of one project and dont having quality standards to be at least comparable /similar in assets with previous games of the IP ....

Capcom for some stupid reason does this a lot as they seem to care more to grab the quick money from hype/expectations rather than creating an artistic product that will leave a legacy behind it....Some say in purpose are changing randomly the devs behind a new project in order veteran developers to not get the proper credits and publicity and in someway obtaining "property" over the IPs--example Mikami -Resident evil or Kojima -MGS , though that way unexperienced people with bad ideas tend to become head directors and develop sloppy games ....As of now i dont expect nothing else than medicority from Capcom for the next gen the last game i liked from them was Monster Hunter World and before it Dragons Dogma ...any other game from the classical IPs they transformed it to cash grab mediocrity that doesnt have anything in common with older games(best example RE series)

bouzebbal39d ago

Very bad news!!! Very energetic guy, and big loss

PurpHerbison39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Just listen to this if you have time.

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TechnoGoat40d ago

So you're saying make a niche game, even more niche?... got it.

39d ago
solideagle40d ago

SFV sold more than SFIV, I agree it had troubled launch but sales depicts success for SFV. I am assuming SFVI will be multiplatform now?

jukins39d ago

Never know but I doubt it with any spending heavily on 3rd party content and exclusives. Depending how close it is im sure sony approached them

Imortus_san39d ago

SF5 is multiplatform just like most SF games before it, the only reason its not on Xbox is Because Sony paid Capcom not to Launch on Xbox, so they could get rid of Xbox on Evo Championship.

Teflon0239d ago

It's because the game wouldn't have existed if Sony didn't FUND the GAME. Not specifically pay for exclusive rights. They simply said it'll be a generational exclusive as return for funding.

Why the hell would Sony care if MS has Xbox at EVO? Lol. PlayStation is the prefered spot for fighting games, that wouldn't even make sense. Now Call of Duty and Activision I can believe that for since Xbox was the only spot for shooters in the 360 Era

Imortus_san39d ago


That is a ballant Lie that you keep telling yourself, Capcom never needed money, much less help to make the game they have been making for 30 years, and to prove it, you also have SSF4 lanch on PS5 to take out the Xbox 360 version from Evo.

"Why the hell would Sony care if MS has Xbox at EVO? Lol. PlayStation is the prefered spot for fighting games," - PS5 is last gen was Xbox 360 that rulled the Evo and had arcade sticks with 0 input lag.

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Terry_B39d ago

Yoshinori Ono leaving is good.

People say he revived Street Fighter but seem to forget that he was just a sound designer before and had a big role in changing the fighting game industry into the dlc and microtransactions mess it is now.

Gaming4Life198139d ago

I agree all the way with you fluttershy77 sf4 was amazing and sf5 is just ok. All I want is for capcom to stop trying to make these fighting games accessible and let people practice and get better like it used to be.

DeadManMMX39d ago

They supported the hell out of SFIV. I remember having a large group of people to talk to about it at work. We were never going to be pros but man we loved it and all the updates. Then they went platform exclusive which was stupid and launched in a half finished state. It just hasn't been the same this time around.

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NeoGamer23240d ago

Street Fighter V improved a lot from launch, but it really tainted the franchise for me. Maybe some new leadership will mean a better game next round from Day One.

RaiderNation40d ago

I was really turned off by the business model of SFV. Charging full price for the game and purposely holding content out to charge extra for it was ridiculous.

Viking_mo39d ago

They did that on street fighter 4 and onwards. It was expected to happen. I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled that with street fighter 6

Teflon0239d ago

Holding content out?
Why are there so many ppl with these ridiculous assumptions. SFV released like that because they didn't finish the game. But do you seriously think the game could have released ever if they eere putting the content that's in it now? SFV helped bring Capcom back after not even knowing if they can fund a big game anymore at the generations start. The game was barebones. But they didn't make you buy a separate game like SFIV to Super SFIV. They game you all the game modes and updates, a story mode which is new mainline street fighter etc. While I get the issues with the initial release as it was bad. These weird narratives lol. Come on

RaiderNation39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


"Why are there so many ppl with these ridiculous assumptions?"

Its not an assumption. That's exactly what Capcom did! They purposely released SFV with a severely gimped lineup of fighters just so they could turnaround and sell them for extra cash! There are older versions of Street Fighter with much bigger rosters. Plus it REALLY pissed me off that fighters like Sagat, Blanka, and E-Honda were put behind a damn pay wall! Those fighters are STAPLES of the SF roster and should always come standard with the main game! SFV was one of my most regrettable purchases this generation!

Imortus_san39d ago

SF is dead, after this cluster f_ck they made, with charging like hell for a shit ton of Extra characters, and the new versions they released are all the same with some extra code, meaning if you dont have online all you get the the beta release.

RaiderNation39d ago

Agreed! Putting staple characters like Sagat, Blanka, and E-Honda behind a paywall was about as big of an asshole move as you can make! Those characters should ALWAYS come standard with Street Fighter!

sourOG40d ago

He’ll be an asset wherever he goes. The last street fighter presentation was fantastic and makes it seem like replacing him was a good move though.

neomahi39d ago

Not a bad Executive Producer, a pretty goofy dude, at least he didn't push his own personal agenda on people like Naughty Dog have, and if he did, it was subtle. Ono knew how to separate his personal feelings from business, I think he did well. His demeanor strongly indicates how he feels every time he's on stage, but it didn't exactly manifest itself in games in a pushy way, it was subtle and I appreciate that from him.

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