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Cultured Vultures: Marvel's Avengers is a fun enough game that might appeal to the GaaS crowd, but can we do this all day? Probably not.

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jukins52d ago

Man people are trying really hard to make this game really bad. You go into this button mashing not paying attention to your surroundings youre dead. Even basic enemies can't always be button mashed. You have to thoughtful with you move selection as well as gear.

Its odds that people play destiny where you 90% of the time are just shooting and dodging bullets like any other fps. But here where you have to decide whether to use power moves light moves go for a full combo or use your skills to stun juggle down spin break the shield all while dodging enemy attacks.

BlackDoomAx52d ago

Can't wait to try it next week. I don't care about all the bad reviews. I like Marvel, what I saw was satisfying I want to play it, simple as that. I'm not. It's been some time I'm not in phase with critics.

rdgneoz352d ago

Curious about trying it out next weekend. Thought at first it'd be a bare bones games as service crap with you having to wait months for content. That and coupled with Cyber Punk originally coming out in September, it wasn't on my radar. Wouldn't have been interested if not for all the people complaining about Spider-Man and then people linking the wartable info (80 missions at release). 2 free beta weekends should help that decision on whether to pick it up while there's a lull in games till November / as well as next gen (which it gets a free upgrade for).

Hellcat202052d ago

I've been play It and honestly it does feel like it needs more development time.
Graphically looks excellent.
But the combat feels really off, especially coming off games like GoT and TLoU2.
Hulk is by far the worst character then Black Widow and Iron Man.
Kamala is the best one for combat by far.
I still haven't canceled my preorder but I'm getting really close to doing so.
Hopefully you have a better experience than I have playing it

spartan112g52d ago

You’re right. Sometimes you have to hold triangle to break someone’s shield. I found the game pretty boring. I’ll try it again next week for Xbox, but so far there is no challenge.

gamer780452d ago (Edited 52d ago )

the game looks pretty fun, seems like a fun way to level up some characters while watching a tv show, or if you want to focus do the story or the "raid" like stuff when it arrives. Seems like a solid fun game to me, the only really bad thing is the exclusivity nonsense that holds Spiderman and crossplay back.

Shadowsteal52d ago

Sony is not going to pay to have Spider-Man developed for Avengers so Xbox players can access him for free, how does that make sense?

gamer780452d ago

@shadowsteal who said sony should pay MS for that? CD should have just put him in the game via asking marvel like the rest of the characters, but now Spiderman will be forever held back in a stand alone story, a shame.

KwietStorm52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

The game is pretty dull. They should have made a Marvel universe game instead of Kamala & Friends.

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jukins51d ago

Maybe try leveling and getting all the skills. Haven't leveled iron man but my friend has and he's awesome. As for hulk he's definwtly someone you need to level. But I'm easily able to run into a group slam em grab a big Boulder spin it around and then jump in rhe air and slam that meteor in the grounded enemies.

Its not perfect. Could use more pronounced attack indicators and yea performance takes a hit in busy areas. Feel hulk should have a much faster run. And its odd to see black widow leaping and jumping like Kahn and hulk. Shouldve given her a jetpack or boost boots.

I think people are wanting their characters to be carbon copies of their best versions when playing a lottery brawler game where you have to level up is a little short sighted. Skills do different things put enemies into different states which you have to pay attention to. You cant just go and button mash no matter who you are.

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drunkenspy00752d ago

I see there is hate for Ms Marvel, and a lot of this is most likely based in racism. She doesn't appeal to me since she seems to be for a different target audience, but that is fine. I wouldn't mind seeing more diversity, but the new Ms Marvel I honestly never heard of until last year. I don't even see her as an Avenger in the comics, or maybe only in certain multi-verses, so why is she in the game? Why no Falcon or Black Panther, or War Machine? Seems like she's only included in the games to add some diversity, added to meet some requirement, not because people actual want her in the game.

If this game is fun I am sure it will sell. Though, the things I see they advert for this game seem to be how you can play dress up with your heroes, for money of course, another cash grab game. Not something you earn. Doesn't look promising.

jukins52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

She's not an avenger.. but she is part of the young champions which is an avengers affiliate. But beyond that Ms. Marvel is a fangirl of super heroes of sorts she writes and posts fan fiction stories of her favorite heroes. So when the avengers breaks up she's the perfect one to find them and get them back together. Also not sure what advert you saw but gear doesn't change appearance. Theres skins for different versions of characters but uou don't play dress up. Also content and characters are free sooo not sure where the cash grab is

drunkenspy00752d ago

That's completely my bad for assuming. I knew there was free content, but I thought they were going to also have people pay for costumes and stuff. Good to know.

gamer780452d ago

that part I'm not fond of, it would be nice to be a be able to do runs and get some loot that might have a cool costume in the drop.

BanditKing51d ago

I have no problem with minority characters being heroes, I have a problem with leftist bullshit being pushed in an effort to pander to the smallest of a whole community, the hard left socialist. You want more diversity? great make new heroes to represent that, but stop doing it in a childish way making them literally stereotypes of leftist tropes. Stop turning white characters into either SJW champions or turning them into minorities for no reason other then "its time" style bullshit. Stop making these characters as two dimensional SJW echo chambers, oh so this white male character is now a minority female, that has a social chip on her shoulder over the patriarchy, and shes has some sort of disability that her powers helped her overcome and she was raised by LGBT lesbian furry dont say.......actual well written minority characters never spent time whining and bitching about social justice crap, Blade, Bishop, Storm, GW Bridge just fought and kicked ass like everyone else because they were well designed characters, race wasn't a factor.

Silly gameAr52d ago

The designs in this game look wonky as hell to me. They just look unnatural.

TheOptimist52d ago

I wouldn't bother with this game at all. It's just a senseless button masher.

cloganart52d ago

Only If you play on Easy yeah.

Games1st52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You can't button mash raid boss, wall turrents and physical shields. Unless you dodge or counter you will be rag dolled and die. R2 special is built by not being hit.

Abnor_Mal52d ago

I hope the game turns of to be good, and many find fun with it for what it is and not what they expect it should be based on their own preconceived perceptions.

As for me, I generally have no intention of getting these types of games game, as I don't care for service games that are usually bare bones at launch. I do know or rather read comments from others that there will be much to do, eighty or so mission.

Also I'm not into games that are dependent on others playing with you for you to have fun. I haven't heard anyone say there's a single player component or missions can be tackled by one person but would be difficult. If I'm wrong then I will take a closer look, and maybe consider the possibility of a purchase, maybe.

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