Metal Gear Solid V Has The Most Popular Video Game Soundtrack On Spotify

From Guitar Hero to Grand Theft Auto, new research into Spotify data has revealed all the video game soundtracks listeners are tuning in for.

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Profchaos52d ago

Had some cool tracks in the game so I get it. The man who sold the world was a great way to open the game and really set the tone for the intro level.

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Nacho_Z52d ago

I only got halfway through it so I'm not an expert but I never noticed the soundtrack much. It does have Take On Me apparently so credit for that.

GTA games have the best licensed soundtracks I've heard, I'd say Vice City is my favourite. I'd probably go with Hollow Knight as the best original soundtrack.

harmny52d ago

You need to play with the sound on

Nacho_Z52d ago

Doesn't make a lot of noise these days, I realised it was boring and deleted it.

ElementX52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I played this on PC and I'm curious to know how it'll look on series x and ps5

nommers52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

But it’s based on licensed tracks so not really saying anything. Wow like every one of the top games for best game soundtracks look like they’re based on licensed tracks :/.

The_Sage52d ago

Well of course it does. It does start out with Bowie.

franwex52d ago

Actually, MGSV version isn’t Bowie.

That was kind of the point of the game 😉

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The story is too old to be commented.