Fall Guys Is Great But Those Team Games Need To Go

From PSU: "Fall Guys is its best not only when you have full control over your destiny (or at least as much as your skill level can allow), but when it’s every fall guy for themselves. In short, this is battle royale effort that excels when it’s actually allowed to function as one."

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BrainSyphoned41d ago

Yup hate the team games. We have been playing four player so we usually make up a chunk of the team but even then you get screwed by disconnects or just people goofing off. If they had a separate team mode where only teams of four could compete against each other it would be fun as it is now it is frustration.

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jukins41d ago

I like it adds even more randomness. I can barely connect half the time. But "rocket league" in fall guys is a blast as well as jumping through the ring.

CaptainObvious87841d ago

I feel the exact same way.

Especially the stupid timed team games where you're not actually scoring though the match. You have to hold a certain amount of eggs or balls in your area and just hope at the end of the timer you happen to have more then your opponents. Essentially, the whole match is a big waste of time until the last 10-20 seconds.

The solo rounds are great fun, though. I suspect this game will evolve well.

Teflon0241d ago (Edited 41d ago )

If you don't understand the point of having 2 minutes to capture and keep eggs or get balls on your side, you're probably playing for the wrong reason. The games suppose to be played for fun, not to be elite. The eggs is so it's not first to get eggs in the hole and everyone has a chance to fight to defend and attack. Same with the giant balls defense one. You fight to get them to yourside and get a rhythm going. Your teams are random, you're suppose to find a way to synchronize in that time for when the times running out.

MoonConquistador41d ago

I can see both sides of the argument here. It is meant to be fun but when you make one of the trophies is "win 5 games in a row” then you can see why some are annoyed. Their chance of ever getting it is lessened by these team games. It's just luck getting players who can help keep you in the game.

I still haven't won my first game so I know the 5 games in a row will probably never come, but I love the game cos it's a barrel of fun.

monkey60240d ago

Im currently on 3 wins in a row and nearly afraid to play another round ha.

I dont think I'll ever get that trophy though. Love the game

ocelot0741d ago

I like the team games. Sure you get stuck with some rubbish team mates at times. But I really enjoy them. Only issue I have is sometimes they can be imbalanced. I think to make sure a game is balanced. A random player or two is given a free pass to the next round.

caddytrek41d ago

I completely disagree. The team games are fun.

If winning is more important than the fun I feel like you're playing the game for the wrong reasons.

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