The Microsoft Flight Simulator File Size Revealed for Windows 10 PC

The Microsoft Flight Simulator file size has been revealed for this latest entry in the beloved simulation series with the Windows 10 PC Store coming in at a fairly insanely massive file size.

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44d ago
Agent_00_Revan44d ago

Not at all. And still only half the size of the latest Call of Duty.

Father__Merrin44d ago

"The install size for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been revealed coming in at a rather massive size at launch releasing on August 18, 2020 and taking up a total of 127.01 GB on the Microsoft Store."

Kaedro44d ago

Wow thanks for saving me from clicking in the clickbait title. 127GB is not insane when compared to most games nowadays.

darksky44d ago

Seems quite high if it's going to require tons of streaming of map data. However if it is playable offline then that 127GB is not bad at all.

Imortus_san43d ago

Thanks, not that much, guess the cloud hands all the other stuff.

jhpadilla43d ago

The real hero! Thanks for saving us a click.

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LoveSpuds44d ago

I am really surprised by this considering how fantastic it looks and how complex some of the simulation will be, leaves lots of space on my hard drive for the inevitable add ons I'll be buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.