What Exclusive Marvel Game Should Xbox Have?

With exclusive titles like Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and the recent Spider-Man announcement for Marvel's Avengers, GotGame analyzes what Marvel exclusives would be a good fit for Xbox.

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chrisx41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I truly belive MS doesn't have what it takes to make a genuinely amazing exclusive Marvel game. I mean look at the disgrace they're doing to their own flagship characters like halo infinite.

DarXyde40d ago

I don't get it.

Not a Halo player, but what exactly are they doing badly with Infinite besides the visuals? I've actually heard good things about gameplay from a lot of people (though there are people who think it looks too similar to Destiny). If you mean that, I always assumed people liked Destiny a lot.

By the way, I'm genuinely asking.



It’s too little too late.

Halo Infinite should’ve led the Xbone gen, not barely closed it off with nothing new but a poorly demonstrated grappling hook. (Cool idea, but not enough after we all bought $500 consoles 7 years ago for this popcorn fart of a reveal)

Tacoboto40d ago

@DarXyde The complaints stem from the bad graphics and the signs of development-hell. They're saying the right things about the campaign direction, but when it demoed looking the way it did, it seems no where close to being ready

Bruh40d ago

You are of course a leading expert in game development, so it makes sense

chrisx40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Bruh I'm not surprised you didn't counter me with any sensible argument. When the truth hurts, y'all resort to sarcastic statements,or outright name callings 😂. And that's why MS will remain mediocre for you guys always. It doesn't make sense.

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CyberSentinel40d ago

NEW WARRIORS...because M$ is also a joke.

40d ago
rainslacker40d ago

It's only fair.

I say give them Captain Marvel.

zsquaresoff41d ago

Marvel is not going give any of its beloved characters to a company who doesn't know what to do with their own characters.

morganfell41d ago

Hello? Comic Police? I’d like to report the murder of a character we loaned out!

gamer780440d ago

Lol apparently you haven’t seen all marvels cash grabs on crappy mobile games. They will license if the price is right let’s all be real here.

40d ago
thejigisup40d ago

The random mobile game isn't anywhere near as high profile as a console exclusive would be. Theres already a notion that mobile have gotten pass before bc they are mobile.

italiangamer41d ago

Hahahaha Sony really gave an existential crisis to all these soy boys, wait till the TRULY big partnership are revealed to see the suicide rates spike lol

40d ago
RgR39d ago

Suicide is not a joke. For those really affected by this competition they should be encouraged to seek help.

41d ago
caddytrek41d ago

Why would Marvel want to damage their image by letting Microsoft make an low rated unfinished MTX filled pile?

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