The Ascension of Sony’s First Party – And What It Means For PS5

Sony now finds itself in very rarefied company.

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isarai53d ago

Why do so many people act like Sony didn't have good 1st party games till PS4? Thay ALWAYS had good 1st party games.

_SilverHawk_53d ago

Every generation since the ps1 sony has had the most highly acclaimed exclusive games and the ps5 will continue that trend. Playstation is the future and the future is Playstation

SullysCigar52d ago

This. When taken as a whole, the most games and the best games have always been on PlayStation. I don't expect that will change anytime soon.

Sonic-and-Crash52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

i just finished GoT and Death Stranding, 2 perfect games..i hoped DS had the acceptance and the sales GOW and Spiderman had ...the game is amazing and a technical marvel on PS4 (probably the best photorealistc visuals on any system) .

.Kojima was the only hand of help during the diffcult years of PS3 with his exclusive masterpiece MGS4 (which the article forgets to mention its importance back in the days) ...i hope to continue making games exclusive to PS ..his persona is the live unofficial mascot of Playstation

zeuanimals52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

The vast majority of the best games associated with the PS1 and PS2 were 3rd party exclusives. Their first party has never been this good. This is them running on all cylinders after 4 generations of figuring this video games thing out and cultivating all of these studios.

zeuanimals52d ago

Lol, the disagrees. So, were the PS1 and PS2 not huge due to games like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, MGS, DMC, etc. being exclusive or nah? Sony's studios were great then, but a lot of the biggest games on the system weren't made by their studios.

sinspirit52d ago


It's not black and white. They did have phenomenal 3rd party exclusives that didn't release elsewhere due to format and development differences. But, Sony did in fact always have incredible first party games. It's no different today. They still make amazing first party games and third parties still release amazing games, only they are now nearly all multiplatform.

zeuanimals52d ago

@sinspirit: I can see that. A number of their smaller studios have risen in importance in recent years but some of their big studios then have closed since, like Zipper and Evolution.

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anonymousfan53d ago

I won't disagree with you but to me the reason why 1st party games on PS4 stood out in particular is because for the type of games they make (I would put Nintendo in a separate category) they annihilated the competition vs last gen, Microsoft was much more competitive especially early Xbox360/PS3 days.

Godmars29052d ago

May have something to do with the 360 being considered the winner of its gen, even though MS support for it dwindled if not outright failed.

Shane Kim52d ago

Guess todays gamers started with the ps3.

ZeroBlue252d ago

Every gen people like to pretend like playstation and xbox are on equal footing, but this has never been the case.

The Wood52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

It's basic business sense. . Having usp's increases the chances of success. Having consistent, quality and variety of usp's further increases the chances of success.

It didn't take Sony a decade to figure it out. Software and hardware are like yin and yang

Respect both and you'll do better than those who don't

RaiderNation52d ago

PS1 was definitely when Sony relied the heaviest on 3rd party. However they were just breaking into the industry so it was understandable. By the PS3 they really hit their stride with 1st party.

rainslacker52d ago

They mostly only had SOE back then, and they built a couple publishing houses which worked in teams. They knew the importance of software though, and did everything they could to get 3rd party exclusives as well as invest in 2nd party games.

DigitallyAfflicted52d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about this piss poor ”journalism”

rainslacker52d ago

They stand out more from the crowd than they used to. Particularly this gen where most of the crowd decided to become GaaS focused marketing initiatives. MS lack of first party prominence also reinforced the talking points of sonys first party quality.

neutralgamer199252d ago

Sony Owns the most IP's out of any publishers(I think) They saw first hand how important was it owning quality IP's. Next generation Ms and Sony are taking different approaches we will see which will succeed

1. Sony traditional model we will make amazing games and you will pay $60 for it along with great 3rd party support and some times exclsuive games

2. We will make a lot of AA games and some AAA games. We will put everything on gamepass and overtime we will combine gamepass with live to generate money. We will not make any exclusives all our games will be available on PC and with X cloud on other platforms

They announced remake of demon souls and internet lost its mind. They reinvented God of war and it won GOTY and broke sales records. It leveraged it's ownership of spiderman movie license (yes they own it) with marvel into exclusive usage of spiderman in gaming

By middle of next generation Phil Spencer will be replaced with another Ms executive and Xbox fanbase will be sold the same wait and see line every E3. Say what you will don matrick understood what it took to compete with Sony and Nintendo and he achieved it somewhat. Ask yourself Phil has taken this generation selling a vision of next generation and now his vision will once again make sure Xbox Brand plays 2nd fiddle

What has Phil achieved with all those resources? Closed studios and cancelled projects

rainslacker51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Every time I see Mattricks name brought up, I'm always reminded of just how he actually ran the Xbox division. I didn't like the direction he was taking it, and certainly didn't like what he tried to push before launch, but if nothing else, the man was transparent about what he was going to do, and if he promised something, he followed through except on rare occasions. Didn't matter if the consumer wanted what he promised, he at least wasn't fluffing himself in place of delivering on whatever he was trying to sell. He had greenburg for that.

Every game I was interested in for the X1, which made me buy an X1, my first Xbox console, was started under his reign. Spencer basically took that away, and despite coming in like a ball of fire....which got me excited for the brand because I felt he might do good, he ended up being a corporate shill.

I didn't really care for Mattrick as a game exec, but I can at least respect he wasn't like Spencer, who seems more intent on selling an idea of greatness, instead of just delivering greatness, and to date, has obfuscated MS vision, which has been clearly stated, while trying to placate the average forum going gamer who generally holds dim views on half the stuff that he's been doing if it were coming from anywhere else.

When I really think about it, Phil is like a more refined version of Greenburg.

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contra15752d ago

Means sit back and see what happens and what kind of trends like 70bucks for a game unwinds

anonymousfan52d ago

I would hope Sony knows what made them successful and will continue on the same path.

AcidDvl51d ago

I paid 70 bucks for Ghost of Tsushima and it was worth every penny.

But i guess when you pay 5 bucks to play games like Crackdown 3 or ReCore you get what you pay for...

Gamist2dot052d ago (Edited 52d ago )

PlayStation 1st parties could have set the PS brand back had Sony release iterations of their franchises and followed the $$$ herd. Uncharted series could have been on its 7th release with TLOU never existed. No reboot of GOW, just GOW 4. Killzone 6 on its way without ever knowing HZD. I'm just glad Sony saw the series fatigue problem early in the PS3 era and took that chance of change in the right direction. Also, you can see how much their 1st party teams have improved after every title released; it makes gamers like me excited for their next projects knowing that we will see improvement and they will deliver. Imagine Spiderman released broken with mediocre graphics and milking the fans with skins instead of unlocking them in the game. They sure have build confidence not only in themselves but also gamers like me in their brand.

throne52d ago

also because games from sonys 1 party studios are passion projects so they put all their effort into making sure sony made the right call giving them that freedom

Godmars29052d ago

Not passion project, just willingness from execs to allow devs to be creative. Not set restrictive design constraints or mandates that supports something like online and subscriptions.

AcidDvl51d ago


"just willingness from execs to allow devs to be creative". I guess that what makes it a passion project. Guerrilla really wanted to make a new IP, Sony let them and they poured their heart and soul into Horizon Zero Dawn.

343 Industries "had" to make yet another Halo and it shows...

anonymousfan52d ago

I dont want to hate on Killzone but man imagine a Killzone 4 or 5 instead of Horizon Zero Dawn?

Killzone can still come back but damn Sony has talented studios I'm glad they aren't tied down to the same IPs year after year.

Incarnatus52d ago

Another killzone game would've been awesome! I hope Resistance makes a comeback on ps5 as well.

DeBroglio52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I'd take horzion over killzone any day of the week! thank goodness they took this risk

rainslacker51d ago

I really believe if Sony was a 3rd party multi-plat publisher, and there was no console war attached to their titles, they'd be widely regarded as one of the best publishers in the industry by the consumer. While they have a wide range of games in quality and content, their high profile games are by far some of the best out there, and no other publisher has so many GOTY contenders or winners under their belt over the last two gens.

But, because there is a console war attached to their titles, suddenly these high quality titles are held under a microscope, and to some, they just can't be good games, because that would be giving too much credit to Sony.

I really hate this kind of thinking myself. I'm no fan of MS, but I will give them credit where it's due when they make good games, and even though I'm not that interested in their games, I will not say they suck if they don't, and if they do suck, I may mention it, but then move on like any normal person does when it comes to most other 3rd party games that suck.

neomahi52d ago

Where have you been, Sony's first-party have been rocking it since the PS3, old news.....

Elda52d ago

It means more fab exclusives for the PS5.

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