Xbox Will Discuss Xbox Series X System Architecture at Hot Chips 2020

Xbox Engineers Will Discuss Xbox Series X System Architecture at Hot Chips 2020 this month

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RaidenBlack50d ago

"Velocity!", "Machine-Learning!" , "Deep Learning!"
What does these all mean for gaming from your cozy couch?
Tune in to find out ...

Jin_Sakai49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

As Jim Ryan said: Were going to let the games do our talking.

No need for constant PR.

SyntheticForm49d ago

While I agree generally agree with you, Hot Chips is precisely for discussing this technical stuff. This isn't Phil Spencer or Albert Penello or Aaron Greenberg trying to hype people with technical buzz terms.

SpeedDemon49d ago

"No need for constant PR."

Yet you're constantly doing PR for Sony. Some of us are interested in the hardware and I don't recalling you making a fuss with the Cerny showcase.

Christopher48d ago

People didn't complain that Cerny did similar at CES via online video. Don't see the issue here.

rainslacker49d ago

If people found Cerny's PS5 rundown confusing or uninteresting, they'd probably like whatever MS is going to discuss at Hot Chips even less. Hot chips is a developer conference, and is more general purpose than GDC, and the panels tend to be pretty dry. Often informative, but still pretty dry.

ApocalypseShadow49d ago

Should prove interesting on if gamers accept the technical breakdown of the hardware. Or try and downplay and pick apart what's said like they did Sony's GDC briefing.

And will the briefing be done in an educational manner or filled with exaggerated hype. Hopefully it's the former.

rainslacker49d ago

Generally these panels aren't really that PR heavy. These are devs who prefer to hear what they need to hear based on whatever the presenter wants to make a point of getting across. Even Cerny's GDC talk was more PR than you'd likely see at hot chips, and was more an introductory thing.

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Bathyj49d ago

We don't really care about the hardware anymore Microsoft. We need to see some games that impress us enough to buy it. If your going to do anymore public events that needs to be your focus.

alb189949d ago

This is not for you. I like this staff so I will enjoy it.

Bathyj49d ago

It's not that I don't enjoy hardware talk because I do it's just that after the disastrous Halo reveal and a generally lacklustre game show with little else in the way of gameplay I don't want Microsoft to hear all that backlash and go back to talking about but we're the world's most powerful console. I want them to show what the world's most powerful console can do because so far they haven't.

Z23ash49d ago

Well they won’t be doing that at chips now will they. This is aimed at devs, not you

chiefJohn11749d ago

Don’t like hardware anymore? Why not and since when?....

Christopher48d ago

Please don't speak for all of us.

Bathyj48d ago

I don't and never have.
Sorry I said we. I was simply trying to convey that a good lot of Us gamers still remain unconvinced by Microsoft approach and if they want to convince us we need to start seeing something better than they've already shown and soon.

rainslacker48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

In this case, they're just saying that they're discussing XSX at a dev conference, which is also attended by people that do other fields of IT work.

For those that want to see what these panels or presentations are like, prior years are posted on the conferences web site.

This isnt even going to be like the Sony GDC ps5 thing. It's likely to be very technical, with a rundown of best practices, without a lot of the PR fluff. This conference isn't for selling your product to devs, it's about informing them on your product. Devs in general are pretty smart, and throwing PR at them tends to insult their intelligence.

There are conferences out there that do have those kinds of presentations, at least in part....gdc being one of them, but if devs were already made aware of what cerny announced, and weren't asking the questions about some things on dev forums, we probably would have seen a much more technical presentation, and I doubt things like BC would have been discussed. Some things from the Sony gdc thing seemed added for the public presentation. I'd say anything where the PowerPoint presentation looked different than the rest of it.

I've attended this conference in past years, and others like it, and even as a dev it's incredibly dull. There are often interesting things to learn, but still it's pretty dull.

Bathyj48d ago

Yeah that's fair enough. Thanks for a good comment. They're free to do this sort of thing obviously it's just from a pr standpoint in my personal opinion they need to start wowing us soon and that would be better for them.

rainslacker48d ago

I would understand if they were making a big deal about it for the public to watch, but they aren't doing that. Their presentation may be available to the public afterwards though, if it's like prior years.

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