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Grounded has a lot of potential as a great survival RPG, but its early-access offering comes up a little short.

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SullysCigar74d ago

"6/10" from IGN then. Hopefully they can turn this around with the final retail code.

RpgSama74d ago

Another GaaS Game Pass filler, Bleeding Edge has already been forgotten.

porkChop74d ago

Both games were in development well before either team had any talks with MS. So explain how they're just "Game Pass filler"?

moriarty188974d ago

exactly. this is what most games will be like on gamepass. smaller budget indie quality titles to justify content.

JayRyu74d ago

I still play Bleeding Edge. Its a fun game. I think it needs more promo.

RpgSama74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

They are Game Pass filler because even though development for both of them was started well before their studios acquisition, it's MS responsibility that they were released while they're still severely lacking content.

These "early access" full games are just an excuse to release games lacking content and development time just because they needed something new and "free" to give that month, and they leave you with the promise that they MIGHT get better with time.

ElementX74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Valve has had early access on Steam since 2013. Kickstarter games which give supporters beta versions have been around since Kickstarter began. People who are interested in games can buy them early and provide feedback and make suggestions. This isn't an idea MS came up with for Game Pass to release games early

RamRod8874d ago

The difference between Grounded and Bleeding Edge is night and day. Grounded will be a fully fledged game with a complete story mode and way more content once it fully launches next year. Obsidian could have waited and released the game next year, but with Grounded being a survival game, the community can really help the game grow. There have been plenty of examples of early access games being successful. Lets be real for a second, if Grounded was a 3rd party game, you wouldn't be be making an issue about it if was releasing on playstation too.

74d ago
Marquinho73d ago

IGN is one of the few that gives a score to early access games... absurd to me.

Also, this is the Top Seller game in Steam as of now, so it might not be a "filler" after all.

For comparison, Horizon Zero Down doesn't even appear in the Top 10... however, that must be because of its awful optimization on PC.

SullysCigar73d ago

@Marquinho, I'd imagine that's because many PC players already played it on PS4. I mean, the game's over 3 years old and was so highly acclaimed, they may even have bought a PS4 for Horizon alone.

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KyRo74d ago

I havent really followed Grounded much but I do love survival games but a lot of places never understand survival games. DayZ reviewed bad and was popular. Ark reviewed bad and in massive. Dead Matter is about to drop, one of the most ambitious survival games released and no doubt will review bad.

The problem is, reviewers skim though these games and give it a score. There's so many systems in these games. I've played Ark for 5 years now and still learn new things.

neomahi73d ago

I wouldn't bet on it. From here on out it's not looking at the game and saying "we need a complete overhaul", but squashing bugs, that's it. You're gonna have to wait for Grounded 2. In all my life following gaming carefully and watching as games first display "This is not a Representation of the Final Product" it generally is. Graphics may change a bit but generally for the worse as they have to really be hacked down to prioritize performance. What you're seeing is what you're going to get, with some minor tweaks here and there and honestly thinking about it, this is a horrible way of doing business. So goes the old saying "You have one shot to make a good first impression." Consider Drive Club and Days Gone, didn't matter how good the games got over time with updates, that initial review, like this one, shut everyone down and put Evolution Studios out of business.

Spenok73d ago

Well, the didn't exactly give it a score, so that score is your interpretation of their review... so readers beware.

But you are likely correct FOR NOW. Hence why it's in early access, and this review doesn't have a score.

SullysCigar73d ago

No, it's not my interpretation, if you read the article, they gave it 6/10 and summarised simply with the word "okay"

This is the same score GameSpot gave it.

Spenok72d ago

Hmm, I scanned through the article to see if I could see a score before writing that comment... but I guess I missed it.

I retract my previous statement!

Marquinho73d ago

So they're basically saying it needs more content and polish... in other words.. It's an "Early Access" Game. 🤦‍♂️

73d ago
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yarbie100074d ago

Seems pretty standard for early Xbox GAAS games

lelo2play74d ago

Not my type of game, but most people seem to be enjoying it on Steam.

porkChop74d ago

Sounds like the game needs more content and a bit more work. That's not completely surprising as it's early access, but hopefully they can turn it around like Sea of Thieves.

glenn197974d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I tought the same thing, the game is already great ,overtime it will be even better with content

BeOpenMinded74d ago

Already better than SOT because of progression! Grounded has immense potential and is already fun, look forward to whats next

Profchaos74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Basically it's a shell that takes an hour to get to the end content. It's got a lot of potential but it's not ready yet is the vibe I get from early access reviews

Side note I find it funny that IGN states for platforms xb4 PC Xbox one like xb4 is a legit product

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