New Injustice Game Might Be Revealed at DC FanDome as Ed Boon Confirmed Attending

NetherRealm Studios might actually be announcing a new Injustice game at the upcoming DC FanDome event with Ed Boon confirmed attending it.

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-Foxtrot54d ago

You'd think they'd mix it up, it just seems we're in a constant Mortal Kombat then Injustice cycle

Why not try and do something else whether another IP adaptation or a brand new one.

blackblades54d ago

Or the vs, but im not gonna complain I like injustice.

SickSinceSix52d ago

I remember a rumor of them making a fighting game with all horror movie characters. Would at least be a nice change of pace, plus Jason was my favorite in MKX

blackblades52d ago

Always wanted a game like that, they already put a few in the MK games. Also wouldn't mind seeing Dc vs Marvel crossover from then. Could also be crossover with many heroes like how they brought tmnt, hellboy to IJ2.

SickSinceSix52d ago

DC vs Marvel would be cool but probably a nightmare on the legal side just to make it happen.

P_Bomb52d ago

There’s barely any DC games as is. I’d buy Injustice 3 yesterday.

XxSPIDEYxX52d ago

Please Ed, for everyones sake please tone down the zoning.

robtion52d ago

DC vs Marvel Injustice needs to happen.