Xbox VR - 4 Reasons Microsoft Should Finally Welcome VR

Xbox is one of the only big names in the gaming market to still snob virtual reality. Let's examine why that should change. Here's 4 reasons why Xbox VR should exist.

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darthv7251d ago

I really believe had they not axed the kinect... they would have a VR headset by now. The technology was there to make it work, even on the base xbo but decisions to pull the plug on kinect is one part of the failed attempt to bring vr to the xbo. The other was the dealings with occulus and being purchased by FB. MS could make a deal with samsung for a full version of the gear vr instead of one where you have to use your phone.

Although, technically a phone screen could work as it is just the display. All the processing would be done via the xbox itself while the phone has the built in gyro for tracking.

DarXyde51d ago

While Microsoft is the most successful of the big three in terms of overall finances, the problem with them is their inability to believe in their own products if they don't yield those immediate results. Kinect was not something they seriously supported. It failed. They made HD-DVD an add on. It failed. Honestly, it often feels fatalistic, and I suspect they would not have bothered with creating the Xbox 360 had the original Xbox not outsold GameCube, a product from the industry's longest surviving platform holder. In that case, they were eager to kill the original Xbox—a little too eager in my opinion, which brought us the Red Ring of Death. Genuinely, VR was the next logical evolution of Kinect. I don't doubt that would be in the cards.

That said, I fully expect Microsoft to support VR by partnering with an existing manufacturer in the future. Why? Because they want to people to invest in their infrastructure without committing to creating a product themselves: xCloud is definitively Microsoft's way to enter the handheld market without having to invest in developing hardware. They will likely extend this to VR. I expect them to make some original content in VR that is also available on Game Pass for PC users.

Imortus_san50d ago

Kinect on Xbox 360 was a sucess with 20 million+

jznrpg50d ago

Just because they are successful as whole doesn’t mean they will spend whatever on a division that doesn’t make as much money . Sony makes more money from games than MS so they invest more .

DarXyde50d ago


It was discontinued. It failed. Your metric of success is very likely different from Microsoft's—if it wasn't, we'd be talking about the next generation Kinect, wouldn't we?


Yes, I know that. I make this point all the time, but why are you focused on this point of what I wrote? That was literally the first sentence or two. Everything after was about their history of failed commitments.

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rainslacker50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Didn't they axe Kinect before they decided to say they were going to have VR on their system to try and take attention away from Sony? Nothing was preventing them from partnering with Occulus from what I can tell. That was an active decision on their part to just abandon the idea. Had nothing to do with Kinect, just lack of interest on their part outside the ability to market a USP for their struggling system which they decided to not do anything with....not unlike the Kinect itself.

dangerousbrian051d ago

Then Microsoft should have gone straight into VR as soon as the Kinect started to die with the Xbox Series X they could have brought VR to the massess especially with how populur it is & how well PSVR is doing.

NeoGamer23250d ago

I am not sure that would've made sense as I think VR is still in its infancy from an adoption point-of-view. But nonetheless, I think that they should support VR and have it as part of XB as it give gamers more choice.

Personally, I would not buy it, but there are many that probably would. LOL. My Oculus Rift is collecting dust, and I have therefore avoided PSVR on my PS4 Pro. - There are some fundamentals on VR that keep me away from it now and going forward.

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GunHoCharlieA150d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Still a very niche device imo. Microsoft plays too safe and methodically. I doubt they haven't considered any of this going forward.

DarXyde50d ago

I think niche is a fair assessment. I'm not sure why people disagree: PSVR is the best selling and was at 5M in January (since, sales have been dwindling). Less than 5% of your market ecosystem seems pretty niche to me, but those are my personal indicators.

It's not a bad thing, but it shows that it's not a very mature market yet—I think Sony knows that, otherwise I think we'd see PSVR2 first party titles teased already and probably delay PS5 to have both ready on day one.

But with all of that said, I wholly encourage VR's development. Games have kind of been stuck in this traditional space and developers aren't really branching out much. VR to me seems like a great way to push them out of their comfort zones. Microsoft still has a ways to go in this regard, but Sony has clearly been preparing for something big: their approach to audio is very ambitious with dedicated hardware, and their implementation of haptic feedback and resistant triggers have only been lauded. I have no doubt they're bringing thunder to PSVR2.

...But this isn't about Sony. I completely agree with you in saying that Microsoft isn't really the risk taker. When they do take a risk, they back off immediately. It's like touching a hot stove for them. I don't really worry about VR becoming bigger though. I think Wii, and PS Move (and even Kinect) actually laid the groundwork for the platform to take off. That push is continued through Switch, PSVR, HTC, and Oculus. Even better, Valve brought a beloved franchise exclusively to the platform (on PC, anyway). I think it's got a very bright future, but developers need to invest the time into the experience and platform holders should do more to push for that.

Espangerish51d ago

I’d rather they put 100% of their resources into game development. That would go much further towards boosting their sales and reputation.

The Wood51d ago

Yeah. Don't bite off more than you can chew

nowitzki200451d ago

This is true, Whats the point of VR if you cant make great regular games.

Bathyj51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

No. They would never make their own. They would just buy someone else's and then never really support it. If that's the case I think they should just stay out of it.

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TheRealTedCruz51d ago

As a company with a large stake in both the console and PC market, I'm surprised they haven't pushed their way into the VR market in a large way at this point.

crazyCoconuts51d ago

With XBox, they were stuck. There's no way they could have squeezed enough juice from Xbox Ones to power VR, and didn't have the foresight Sony did with planning it all out before the PS4 even launched. When X1X came out, I'm sure they realized the install base wouldn't be big enough to make VR worth the investment. The master stroke from Sony was to get VR working for base PS4 models which dramatically increased their potential install base. When you take the limited power those PS4s had into account, that's no small miracle...

1Victor51d ago

As usual they’re( Microsoft) waiting for everyone to do the cleaning of the forest and build their house then claim they did all the work after putting the fence door

rainslacker50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

They're trying to be the go to api to use with vr, but it's not really going that way for them. While each headset has it's own api, the companies are still collaborating on tech, while MS is trying more to say that these companies should use their tech, which is pretty far behind in functionality.

At this point, MS would have to have something pretty substantial to offer to bring out their own headset. They dragged their feet, and like so many other things, they'll likely try to claw their way into the market later when its successful.

Their best bet if they want to offer it to their customers is to just partner with another vr maker

When it came to xbox, they just wanted to try and take some hype away from sony. So much of the talk prelaunch of psvr was that ms oculus partnership would yield better results.

Sony spent 10 years developing psvr. MS thought they could just slap a xbox logo on another companies set and call it a day.

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