PS5 Sales Expected to 'Significantly Outperform' Xbox Series X, Says DFC Intelligence

Games industry research firm DFC Intelligence believes the PlayStation 5 will outsell Xbox Series X by a 2-to-1 margin, though Microsoft's long-term plan could pay off beyond consoles thanks to Game Pass and Project xCloud.

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ccgr51d ago

More exclusives = more sales

SegaGamer51d ago

To be honest, even without the exclusives, I think Playstation would outsell Xbox. Playstation just has a longer and more successful history with gamers.

Mr Pumblechook51d ago

Microsoft is in a difficult place; on one hand it has announced this super powerful games console the Xbox Series X. On the other hand it has signalled that its moving away from hardware and is prioritising it’s cloud gaming service. Sure cloud gaming will play a big part in the future of gaming, but Sony entered this market too early with its PS Now service, is Microsoft alienating gamers by doing the same?

darthv7251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

My money is on the Amico to beat them both.


NeoGamer23251d ago

Agreed. The only surprise would be if PS5 did not outsell XSX.

_SilverHawk_51d ago

Playstation is the future and the future is Playstation. Ps5 day one

Android51d ago

Agreed. I do think the sole reason they have been successful is due to their exclusive titles. That's the history we gamers share with Sony.

bouzebbal50d ago

Lol I think it'll be easy worse than this gen for xbox.. There is 0hope around their console..
Yes x1 had DRM, but still had decent and appealing exclusives at launch

badz14950d ago

Playstation as a brand has only like 5 to 6 years headstart compared to xbox. You were saying it like PS has a very long legacy like Nintendo

indysurfn50d ago

Come on Microsoft! When I think of services I dont think of machines.

PeaSFor50d ago

Ouya will destroy them all.


Shezgear50d ago (Edited 50d ago )


Nintendo has like 5-6 years of headstart compared to Sony.. MS is not even close to Sony

343_Guilty_Spark50d ago

@Mr Pumblecock

Where have they signaled they are moving from hardware?

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itsfunkky51d ago

history repeats itself, as usual.

Godmars29050d ago

Funny thing is that MS - the MS faithful? - once promoted a "long game" strategy by which the Xbox would first match then overtake Playstation in term of overall console sales. That the 360 was their best shot before shooting themselves in the foot.

In other words, the strategy is dead.

ThinkThink51d ago

One is pushing consoles, the other is pushing services. The company pushing consoles will sell the most consoles.

GunHoCharlieA151d ago

I think both are pushing the same thing, so Microsoft's effort in power shouldn't be disregarded. We should agree Microsoft efforts is unnecessary but they can afford to compete on all fronts I guess. So the company pushing best exclusives sell and also getting lucky too.

anast51d ago

Yeah, like xbox is going to release a console with the intention of no one buying it.

Shaggy230450d ago

Pretty much guaranteed the PS5 will outsell the Series X, however as long as both companies are making profit then all is good.

spambot081551d ago

why putting effort into developing games when you can drop some microcash onto tiktok? ;-)

Marquinho51d ago

In Japan, yes. In the US, no way.

Ron_Danger51d ago

Are you talking about exclusive games in response to the first comment or console sales based on the article?

Either way you’re gonna have a bad time... especially after glancing at your comment history 😬

rainslacker50d ago

It's not like the us customer base is enamored with xbox. They had less margin of difference from other countries this gen, but it still was a pretty significant margin.

Not sure why you believe the us customer base will just change their preferences because MS is releasing a new console.

Marquinho50d ago


I'm talking about sales. I don't expect PS5 so "significantly" outperform Series X in the US. Japan is lost though and in Europe that's much more likely to happen.

These guys are basically saying that the next generation will perform roughly the same as this one, in which Xbox One gave away 3 years. That's plain absurd, and we will know soon enough.

I really don't care about votes or downvotes btw, as long as discussions are carried with respect.

CaptainHenry91651d ago

Especially since CD project red has confirmed they're not putting Cyberpunk on gamepass

Godmars29050d ago

Better release consistency = more sales

50d ago
Zeref50d ago

Not really. Playstation just has more reach now. Even without exclusives PS5 would outsell Xbox

Pretentious50d ago

Their announcement of Fable has me intrigued, will probably buy an Xbox. But you can bet your ass I'll be buying a PS5 first.

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RazzerRedux51d ago

"By comparison, DFC Intelligence mentioned Sony to be focused on 'short-term sales' rather than long-term vision, and with tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung still largely out on the fringes of the games industry market, Microsoft may have to compete more with Nintendo than Sony in that regard."

Huh? Microsoft will have to compete more with Nintendo than Sony in what regard? Someone explain this to me.

Sophisticated_Chap51d ago

This is why the analysts get paid the big bucks /s

RauLeCreuset51d ago

Right? If I didn't know better, I'd say it looks like they just copied this gen's sales gap for their next gen forecast.

kayoss51d ago

Compete for second place.

343_Guilty_Spark50d ago

Is there money in second place? Is everything a zero sum game?

stuna151d ago

If I remember Microsoft said themselves that Sony and Nintendo were not competition. Instead Google and Apple were. Me being frank! For someone they're not competing against....they sure have a lot to say about what they're doing.

caddytrek51d ago

Remember "Microsoft doesn't care if you buy their console"

ElementX51d ago

"Microsoft doesn't care if you buy their console" is something journalists came up with, there is no quote from MS saying they don't care.

Koolaidude50d ago

In cloud gaming. I swear PlayStation fans are the dumbest based on all the agrees 🤦🏾‍♀️.

stuna150d ago


The name fits you, because you're drinking it! Don't call people dumb because you like wearing blinders we can't help the fact that your as gullible as you are.

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ChristopherJack51d ago

Taking a wild guess here(not my thoughts): they expect Microsoft's approach to eventually pay dividends a few decades away where Sony's more traditional approach may not be able to compete in the same way yet they expect Nintendo to continue well enough based on their cheap hardware, & adorable family friendly franchise icons.

rainslacker50d ago

If MS loses the interest of the console and PC gamer, then they aren't likely to get much out of their services which provide games which appeal mainly to console and PC gamers....although PC gaming is quite varied in terms of market make up and available games.

MS isn't going to capture the mobile markets by providing them with streamed versions of console style games. It's just a different market.

They can of course be successful there, but MS tends to want to dominate markets, not just be successful in them. If MS ends up not caring much about the PC or console market, then most of us here would just look at them the same way we look at things like Stadia or whatever that thing Apple has that most of us forget that they have because it's aimed at the mobile gamer market.

MS needs to find its audience, instead of assuming that the audience is just going to follow wherever it is they decide to go on whatever 5-10 year plan they make up at some feel good corporate board meeting ,that they eventually just drop because it's not doing anything for them.

Atom66651d ago

It's poorly worded. I think it's referring back to the prior paragraph regarding MS having broader audience on PC and Mobile?

Not sure I understand the full point being made even then though. But I will say that the short-term focus of Sony is relatively true. Their success in the traditional console business affords them the opportunity to stick it out for a lot longer than MS. They're ready for the inevitable next phase with Now, though.

Even though they have no service, Nintendo is in good shape for when that shift eventually takes hold. Their software and IP library leaves them in a great position to just turn into a huge 3rd party on mobile/pc/streaming.

RazzerRedux51d ago

I'm wondering if it was meant to be:

"Sony may have to compete more with Nintendo than Microsoft in that regard."

It would make more sense to me anyway.

"They're ready for the inevitable next phase with Now, though."

Agree. I think in the year after the PS5 launch we will see a PS Now reboot with its Azure back end.

SierraGuy51d ago

Can' makes no sense... everyone is a journalist today.

rainslacker50d ago

MS is trying to win the console market for the long term by focusing their efforts on another market. Seems like a good way to set up future success in the market your trying to win by marginalizing it for different markets. Worked out pretty well for mobile gaming which was going to kill everything else.

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SpaceRanger51d ago

I’m confused how everyone is acting like MS is the first to stream games or even come up with the idea of having a lineup of studios making exclusives. And then how that puts them up against Amazon and Apple??

As it is MS has gotten spanked in the computer market, phone market and even software market. Recently Skype has gotten dropped by so many business in favor of Zoom and their online Office accounts are under investigation for compromised access to private user information.

And then their supposed TikTok buy is gonna be pushed on all platforms the way Cortana and Mixer was. All red flags honestly.

SullysCigar51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Regarding your first point, this is what Apple do.

They'll market the hell out of a single ap (sometimes little-known, but available on iOS and Android for ages) and the masses say how amazing the new iphone is as it can even [insert ap function] and rushes out to buy it lol

It's quite scary how blinkered consumers can be, but I guess if they like what they see and are happy to hand their money over, it's not for us as the informed minority to p!ss on their chips!

Koolaidude50d ago

Apple really has fooled the masses and made an army of sheep.

zackeroniii50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

dislikes coming from casuals who actually like apple. apple is for boys. android is for men.

kneon50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I remember years ago an iphone user I know was so excited about an app that could identify music just by listening to it. They didn't believe me when I said that I had an old Sony Ericsson phone that was doing that years before, they also didn't believe that the app was just using GraceNote on the back end, which at that time was owned by Sony.

MajorPectorals50d ago

Gaming is only 10 percent of Microsoft’s revenue. Their biggest competitors are google and amazon for cloud based services. You could say MS gets spanked when it comes to hardware, but MS is King of software and their stock and quarterly gains are proof of that.

For comparison Sony’s biggest money maker is their gaming sector at 25% of their revenue, and they actually use Microsoft’s Azure cloud for their streaming

I’m not a Xbox guy by any means, But this site has to much of a console war mindset. They don’t realize that Xbox is a small side bussiness for Microsoft.

hiawa2350d ago

I agree 100%. Some gamers are worst than the Republicans vs Dems, vs Liberals vs conservatives. Many of us are just gamers who have been gaming since the 80s and game on multiple platforms consoles, and this constant console fanboy stuff that goes on this site and others is really sad and a complete turnoff. I just want good unbiased video game information, who comes in 1st 2nd or 3rd don't care about. All the console manufacturers have something to offer, and my mentality is enjoy all of them. I hope they all do well, as that is better for all gamers. This site is constant cheer Sony bash anything MS, but hey, it is what it is.

Zeref50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

No legitimate business is using Zoom. I promise you. Businesses are ditching Skype for Microsoft Teams

Not sure how they're getting spanked either when they're posting huge profit every quarter 😂

Yall have no idea what you're talking about.

And can you link me to that compromised access to private information? I follow Microsoft news all the time, pretty sure you just pulled that out of your ass 😂

343_Guilty_Spark50d ago

I find Zoom to be awful. And it seems to only be good for large conferences. It also does not integrate well with other office apps?

SpaceRanger49d ago

Lmao have you tried MS teams? Funny enough Skype actually has more functionality than Teams does at its current state.

Their posting of profit doesn’t mean that they are doing well against the competition 😂 their surface lineup has struggled against most PC competition.

Link you? I’m sure you’ve found it. No need to act ignorant about it lol a third party security company just supported and helped them put out a security fix just this week. Try not to be so triggered by facts next time 😂 see ya.

Cybermario51d ago

well, no surprise there, like it or not exclusives bring sales.

Sunny1234551d ago

I dont think that xbox is even the competition now. Ps5 all the way

Android51d ago

We need them to be competitive. It'll keep Sony producing all these great products.

BehindTheRows51d ago

Sony will produce great products without Xbox.

zeuanimals50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

@BehindTheRows: Don't be naive. Without competition, they won't see an immediate reason to strive for the best of the best that's designed to beat something else. They'll design a great product that won't have that extra oomph that comes from guessing what the competition's gonna do and how they're gonna counter it. Maybe they'll even eventually tone down the quality of their products because, where else you gonna go? It's not like all of Sony's properties are treated well either, even with competition. Mismanagement of Playstation is very likely, especially without competition.

BehindTheRows50d ago (Edited 50d ago )


I said nothing about competition. I said Sony can, and would, produce great products without Xbox (lest we forget the PS1 and 2 were created before we ever had an Xbox). "Mismanagement" is happening, but it isn't with PlayStation.

Thus, the naivety is with you.

zeuanimals50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

@BehindTheRows: How is "Sony will produce great products without Xbox" not about competition, or the lackthereof? And Sony had competition with the PS1 and PS2, did they not?

BehindTheRows50d ago (Edited 50d ago )


Um, again, you harp on Xbox...

-They can have competition and it not be Xbox.
-They can produce great products without Xbox.

This isn’t complicated.

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ChristopherJack50d ago

Right. Now where did well of you want your Poms Poms?