Fall Guys Warmed the Seat, Now 1 vs 100 Should Reclaim its Throne

Chris writes: "With the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout this week, it's time for the return of the Battle Royale MVP. It's time for 1 vs 100 to make its return."

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JustTheFax41d ago

Yesss... that idea was ahead of its time!

41d ago
Ghostbob40d ago

ahead of its time! it was from the game show.

JustTheFax38d ago

Oh I didn't realize playing it online with friends in a party and earning microsoft points was part of the game show. My bad.

TheRealTedCruz41d ago

Had a lot of fun with it, back in the day.
Wouldn't mind seeing it return.

gamer780441d ago

this 100%!!!! they could put it on gamespass even if that would be what they have to do.

PrinceAli41d ago

Why.. so it could be ignored..? It'S GOT to be on GWG FIRST then later be put on Gamepass

gamer780441d ago

I'm just saying if they need to recoup costs, I'd rather it be for gold subscribers of course so more people could enjoy it.

Godmars29041d ago

What's the difference between GWG and Gamepass? Aren't both on PC?

gamer780440d ago

@godmars. Games with gold is the free games you get with your gold subscription, gamespass is a separate service where you get access to lots of games and all of the Microsoft owned games

joejoejoe40d ago

@gamer7804 Actually, Games with Gold is a paid online multiplayer subscription with a list of games you can play as part of the subscription, while Game Pass is a paid game only subscription which doesn't include online multiplayer with a bigger list of games you can play as a part of the subscription.

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RebelWAC41d ago

Man, this was that type of quality app that made the 360 shine back in the day. This was crazy fun

crazyCoconuts41d ago

Oh, that's right...Fall Guys isn't on Xbox... Warming the seat, got it....

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