Facebook Joins Xbox In Criticising Apple's Gaming Policies

'This is shared pain across the games industry'

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stuna11416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

We all know this about Microsoft trying to get on Apple's OS, especially since Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up! Too me this is fake outrage! My thing is what competing company wants another competitor on their platform??? It doesn't add up or make sense.

ElementX1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Playstation, Xbox, and Apple all allow competing movie streaming services on their platforms, even though they all have their own movie rentals/purchases. Sony and MS allow EA Access on their platforms even though they have their own subscription services.

stuna11416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Sure they do! But they operate through contractual agreements. The issue is Microsoft is trying to operate outside of those contractual agreements.

ElementX1416d ago

You said "what competing company wants another competitor on their platform" and I responded with a valid point. I'm not taking sides here

TheColbertinator1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Different branches of the company. Sony Music and Sony Pictures negotiate their own contracts and each company decides those deals separately as needed. Hence why Sony Music published a game on Switch despite Nintendo being a competitor with Sony PlayStation.

Sony Pictures/Columbia are operated apart and rarely join up with Sony PlayStation. As for Apple, they made their choice to reject Microsoft and will likely reject Sony or Amazon or anyone else who wants to introduce their streaming service as such.

1Victor1415d ago

Isn’t Apple Arcade their game streaming service ? I just want to know because there’s f it is they’re right on denying Microsoft request

Christopher1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Hey, @ElementX, how about something more in line with XCloud on Xbox One?


Why doesn't Microsoft allow their games on NVidia Streaming even though it doesn't break any licensing agreements and uses the owner's own licenses to stream games?

This is situational complaining about something they themselves do on their own platform.

ElementX1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I forgot Nvidia streaming was a thing, honestly. I was aware of some publishers pulling their content, but I never read anything about MS. I haven't seen any articles about nvidia in months.

I think you are missing the point of my comment. I wasn't talking about MS and Apple with xcloud, I was replying to a comment about companies supporting competing services on their platforms. I don't even care about xcloud, I don't subscribe to game pass, let alone game pass ultimate. I'm not sticking up for any company in this conversation

Christopher1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

***I was replying to a comment about companies supporting competing services on their platform***

Then you should click the link in my comment above. It's Microsoft not supporting a competing service on their platform. That link was separate from the NVidia item.

I don't run a business, but if I did I'd probably lose money fast. But, these companies are where they are not by being altruistic all the time, only when it gets them points or can be good marketing. I see Microsoft doing the same thing here that they did with PlayStation on cross-play. Thing is, I don't see Apple backing down until they get their cut.

Teflon021413d ago


Here's an example. YouTube Music/premium on Apple devices cost more because the agreement to getting it on apple devices is apple gets a cut. But tbh, for a streaming service etc. YouTube music is the best value as you can get YouTube Premium that has it, youtube downloading and add removal, you can get audio only versions of music on YouTube as well for the songs not on streaming services etc.
So because that agreement and Google not willing to give a cut because apple wants a cut of the subs, they gotta basically pay the subs out the subbers pockets.

Apple should have some adjustments to these rules. BUT I ain't having MS shiz. This tactic of MS where it's you do what benefits me or we bad mouth your company or work to make em look bad is disgusting. Like the Crossplay thing. Where they were making ads etc about it to make sony look bad and the moment they did it. They shut up about crossplay lol.

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DethWish1415d ago

Apple says they want to review every single Xbox game on xCloud. Do you think they look at every Netflix movie or listen to every Spotify song? They're hypocrites.

neutralgamer19921415d ago

Apple has an policy where each game has to be submitted separately and this applies to all games, game developers and game publishers. Why are you comparing their games policy to movies?

DethWish1415d ago

Because xCloud is not a game. Its a streaming service like Netflix and Spotify. I don't get the big difference between games and movies anyway.

RauLeCreuset1415d ago

"They're hypocrites."

They aren't the only hypocrites in this story.

--Onilink--1415d ago

This isnt even about reviewing each game, its because of each game is submitted, they get to take a 30% cut on it

Stanjara1415d ago

Probably because when you publish a new game you have to go through certain process and rating.

When you have XCloud...than Microsoft decides which game enters the service, and which goes out.

So Apple says no no no...
You have all those pretty jumping Grounded, Fable type games and then you decide GTA5 is in XCloud.
And then you take all of micro transactions?
And customisables?

BeOpenMinded1415d ago

Agreed, feels like a corporate cop-out.

Havent used itunes in years, saw what kind of anti consumer antics they were upto. Apple tries too hard much like Ms did in earlier days to corner and bully their ecosystem.

In our current evolution of media this may be an outdated concept. But i guess why the hell why not. They and MS are vying for top dogs as most lucrative tech companies currently. Freaking trillion dollar companies.

As always my opinions and observation as an anecdotal disclaimer.

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rainslacker1415d ago

MS and Facebook. Two companies that are often accused of not being all that consumer friendly, often use their influence and power to get what they want, and generally couldn't care less about helping other companies within their ecosystem, chastise Apple....a company that essentially does the same thing while acting like they're awesome. Only difference is Apple actually has more fans that defend them than either Facebook or MS do.

Petebloodyonion1415d ago

well you can add also Google with Stadia and Epic Games to the list of PPL complaining
Here's Epic Games boss tweet on the subject
"Apple has outlawed the metaverse."

"The principle they state, taken literally, would rule out all cross-platform ecosystems and games with user created modes: not just xCloud, Stadia, and GeForce NOW, but also Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox,"

rainslacker1415d ago

OK. I'll add them to the list. It doesn't matter though, because while I don't agree with what Apple is doing, it is in their policies, and has been longer than MS decided to put their service up on there. It's not on Apple to adjust for MS, or anyone else, it's on these other companies to follow the rules for where they want to put their products. MS, or any of these other companies complaining, would do exactly the same thing.

Rhythmattic1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I suppose after MS literally bought Seattle Dos for a steal, Then of course implemented (stole) a computer defining user input.. Its no different to MS contractually demanding all home IBM based machines can only be sold with MS-DOS...

No other choice for vendors...So , Apple is no doubt tards, but its not like the people complaining have never done it before......

Afterall.. I wonder how many here are using MS OS?

rainslacker1414d ago

Ironically, MS won out over apple back in the day because they felt having an open platform would go over better, while apple wanted to keep things closed. Apple has kept to that idea for their entire existence, and MS has dabbled in it on various things.

I generally always prefer open platforms, but when you want to release your product on someone else's platform you have to follow their rules.

Rhythmattic1414d ago

Rain.. Open?
Yes the Os.. But consider the supply and OEM contract by MS did not allow "open" options...
The hardware must be sold with MS operating system... Use it or not... Install linux if you want, but early on, you could not buy a brand name PC without the cost incorporated into the system....
A classic is how MS handled OS Warp , A OS developed in partnership with IBM... They literally pulled an Nintendo on Sony...... Basically lead them on, using tech in their own os.... And in some way, paid by IBM....
Talk about shrewd....

To Reiterate, The OS is open (will it continue to be?) but the options of OS in Turnkey PC systems was not.

Not arguing, just pointing out the hypocrisy of all these big corps.......

Just like the US saying china is spying on them... How dare they... Im sure the NSA,CIA dont dare ever consider doing that on China.......

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LordoftheCritics1415d ago

Apple just signed its own demise.

Petebloodyonion1415d ago

Then why accept Netflix and Disney plus?
Last I check Apple also has a similar service Apple TV.

sinspirit1414d ago

It's a game policy. For the act of playing games. Not something as simple as clicking play on a video you've selected.

What is there not to understand? Stteaming a game is different from streaming video. It's a different use of streaming. It's not like Netflix, Youtube, or HBO Max just because streaming is involved. That's like saying a truck is like a car because driving is involved.

1415d ago
King_Noctis1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Competition? Lol what? One is a steaming platform and the other is a native game download service. Both have different set of games as well as different pricing and cater to a much, much different kind of audience.

NeoGamer2321415d ago

All AppStores are monopolies and the current models should be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.

The reason I call them monopolies is that many people cannot afford to re-buy all their apps in another appstore if they choose to change therefore the "switching costs" make this a monopoly. This rationale was established by the USA department of justice in their anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft in the late 1990's. And all appstores are the biggest offenders of it.

I think that there should be a central appstore for all technology platforms like playstation, xbox, apple, android, microsoft, etc. That appstore should just be a place to purchase digital only products such as games, subscriptions, movies, music, and apps. There should be an amount paid to the store to keep it running as a non-profit organization, and when I buy something at the store I should own it on every platform it is sold on. That way I only ever need to buy something once and I would have it no matter what device I own.

People have to quit supporting specific company practices and look at this objectively as to what benefits consumers. The current model has no benefit to consumers.

Old_Prodigy1415d ago

Just like the crossplay outrage, boy do they know how to whine. Why are they always trying to penetrate other platforms?