Gear up in cinematic style as Fast & Furious Crossroads releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Neil writes: "The launch of Fast & Furious 9 on the big screen may have been pushed back until 2021, but there is still one way fans of the franchise can get their adrenaline-fuelled fix - Fast & Furious Crossroads is here and available to purchase on Xbox One, PS4 and PC."

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RaidenBlack47d ago

lackluster un-optimized game. pfft.

Christopher47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

GotP - Game of the Pandemic

Was this game lost in time and developed originally in the first year of the 360/PS3 or something?

TheColbertinator47d ago

They must be using that same build because it looks like NFS The Run at best

RaidenBlack46d ago

Looks like somebody modded Crazy Taxi.

47d ago
neutralgamer199247d ago

This could be a bargain bin $10-15 dollar type game which could fun to play

Relientk7747d ago

This game is going to go on sale Fast & Furiously and Tokyo Drift straight into the bargain bin.

Abnor_Mal47d ago

That's when I will be getting it.

Nitrowolf247d ago

disagreed, this has the makings of being the next big hit this gen. Move over ghost, tlous2, and anyone else, Vin diesel is here and he's taking them awards

Relientk7747d ago

"Vin diesel is here and he's taking them awards"

Yeah, by force lol or beating them in an illegal street race 🏁

Profchaos47d ago

It will sell because parents will buy it for their kids based on the name alone. Always happens with cheap movie tie ins

Nacho_Z47d ago

Ok it looks like a remastered PS3 game there's no getting away from that. It might be fun though...I'll give it a chance. I prefer arcade racers to sims and there aren't many.

PrinceAli47d ago

good to see the Nintendo-DS getting supported in 2020

porkChop47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

There's essentially zero hype around this game, and it literally looks like a PS360 game. I don't see this doing well at all.

Profchaos47d ago

Parents looking for Xmas gifts will be stockpiling this on name alone as we continue the history of terrible movie tie ins

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The story is too old to be commented.