Activision Teases Call of Duty Announcement for Next Week

The mysterious press kit suggests this year's Call of Duty will be revealed on Monday, August 10.

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anonymousfan43d ago

I'm actually cautiously optimistic for this BO1 was my favorite COD campaign ever. I would be super happy even with a simple remaster.

42d ago
RaidenBlack43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

This is not the year for CoD.
By this time of the year, usually we've already got the reveal trailer, gameplay trailer and a campaign walk through (except past 2 years, for different reasons).
Its pretty apparent the troubled development has hurt the game.
Warzone and MW is doing pretty good. Frankly ... people won't miss a new CoD this year.
MW's post-launch has been CoD's best so far.
Before this year ends just release MW2 Remastered Multiplayer and MW3 Remastered(whole) and people will stay happy till March/April's usual CoD reveal. In the meantime, polish this one up and include a decent campaign.

MajorLazer42d ago

MW has been thoroughly excellent support wise. Still, looking forward to the new BO.

Donnie8142d ago

I agree with you. They could package all the modern warfares together in a bundle and just continue to support it for a year and let treyarch innovate. They need to get the studios back on a 3 year cycle it seemed to really help even if it means giving High Moon or Raven a shot at a full on release. Both studios are to good to just be making destiny or cod dlc

TheEnigma31342d ago

“Teases”. We already know what to expect. Nothing really new of what they’ve been doing. Last iteration they ran out of names and just named it MW again.

DragonWarrior1942d ago

Isn't August 10 the rumored date of the Sony PS5 show? Don't have a care in the world about Call of Duty but if they can give us an indication on when we are going to get any sort of information on next gen systems, I'll take it.

anonymousfan42d ago

I havent heard of that rumor but that would be really cool :)

danny81842d ago

Where did you hear that? That’s this Monday. I’m very excited for that due mainly to pricing 😏 Ergo, preorders should go up