The Future of Wii Channels

In the two months since Nintendo's new console launched, gamers have gained access to several entertaining and informative Wii Channels, or simple downloadable programs -- very much like widgets -- that open up new functionalities. The Mii, Photo and Shop Channels shipped with the platform and provided users the option to create virtual versions of themselves as well as their friends and family; store, edit and send photos to friends; and browse through a catalog of downloadable classics respectively. Since then, the Big N has added the Forecast Channel, which provides semi-live weather updates; the Internet Channel, a full-fledged Wii version of the Opera web browser; and most recently, the News Channel, which provides users a gateway to the latest Associated Press headlines from around the world.

Wii's innovative new controller has already captivated millions of gamers, but clearly the Channels interface is also providing reasons for the hardcore and casual user alike to boot up their system on a daily basis. Nintendo itself has indicated that more Wii Channels will be forthcoming, but it has yet to offer specifics. And therefore we're here to fill in the gaps. Taking Nintendo's own model to heart, IGN have thought about some of the widget-like additions to the Wii Channels interface that would make our mornings a little brighter and our evenings a little easier.

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big_tim5717d ago

You are posting about the Wii. I am impressed. As for the article, the channels have a lot of potential. It is definitely something that is unique to the Wii that sets it apart from the others as an online function.