Hood: Outlaws and Legends for PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, & PC Gets First Screenshots & Art

Following the reveal at Sony's State of Play, Focus Home Interactive sent in a press release with the first screenshots of Hood: Outlaws and Legends.

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seanpitt2355d ago

Assassins creed should take note this looked pretty good...

Jin_Sakai55d ago

I don’t think either look that great.

phoenixwing53d ago

what should be happening is that ubisoft makes an assassins creed game set in Asia since SP showed them how to do it right.

phoenixwing53d ago

I don't know about that. It seems like there won't be a campaign with the way they're describing it in the article. It goes right into mentioning how there will be ai patrols as if that's novel. This makes it seem like it would only be worth mentioning if it was all online with some ai enemies. Then the next thing they mention is that there will be pvp matches and other "modes". Basically the whole thing is probably going to be online only. While I'm sure others would enjoy that I'd take a single player assassins creed any day of the week over it.

Saijahn53d ago

@phoenixwing, you must’ve never heard of Tenchu .

Rainbowcookie53d ago

@phoenixwing . Let them finish the GOW viking one first 😂🤣 then there is always next year...rate their going whats left Assassins creed moon

Christopher52d ago

This looks "great" the way 'Van Helsing' the movie looked great. Take that for whatever your tastes are.

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TylerID53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Keeping an eye out on this one.

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justsomeoffdude53d ago

Isn't focus home interactive the same guys publishing aeon must die! Hope this game's devs don't get screwed.

Christopher52d ago

FHI also published Vampyr, A Plague Tale, Greedfall, The Surge, and other games without issue.