New Godfall PS5 Gameplay Reveals Combat Overview

Sony has ended today's State of Play with new Godfall PS5 gameplay that gives us a combat overview.

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AspiringProGenji55d ago

So God of War and Monster Hunter went to a bar...

UltraNova55d ago

I'll be honest, this deep dive peaked my interest in the game. It looks good.

Brazz55d ago

you see... this is looking good, this game is growing on me.

pwnmaster300055d ago

Honestly I’m a sucker for this type of games. I might pick it up next year when I get a PS5.

Unspoken54d ago

Come on RTX 3000 availability...want to play this as close as possible to 4K 120fps.

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RamRod8855d ago

Way too much time spent on this game. I would rather watch more Bugsnax gameplay than this.


Dude Bugsnax was the truth! I can't wait!

RamRod8855d ago

I really do think bugsnaxs looks fun! I'm a sucker for games that give you a camera and have you tale pics the "wildlife."

Ghostbob55d ago

Both better than halo gameplay!!!!!!!

Zulu54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

What a sad person you are, enjoy the gameplay videos on show from Sony and stop battling an invisible console war. Nobody here is talking about Halo!

Vega7554d ago

@ Ghostbob

No it didn't. Please stop. Godfall looked like trash. Only issue with Halo everyone complains about was the look. Not that it played bad. Because it didn't. Stop lying

ThereGoThatManQ54d ago

@vega people said the A.I was trash in halo so..

Vega7554d ago

@ theregothatmanQ

The game ran smooth for a open world game running at 60fps. You want to talk about bad AI look at the part where the enemy just sits there. You fanboys be capping for games just because they are sony exclusives exclusive. Everyone is saying the same thing. Godfall look like trash and not interesting.

ThereGoThatManQ53d ago

@Vega lmao you are the only one capping for Xbox.

All I said was people are shittingn on the AI too. Look how hurt you get. Godfall is no where near the studio 343 is. Halo should be 1000% better

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potatoseal55d ago

I'm very intereted in this. Gameplay looks great. Love this style

ZAF55d ago

Looks cool but i still don't know what type of game this is, is it like Destiny? is it singleplayer with multiplayer components?

jznrpg55d ago

They said you can play solo , or with 2 friends online .

Nitrowolf255d ago

Thats what I'm iffy on. Like the gameplay looks alright but I'm curious how the overall structure is

rainslacker54d ago

Sounds like a medieval melee version of borderlands, probably without the humor to go along with it.

Hedstrom55d ago

Looks cool! Great with 3 player Coop!

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The story is too old to be commented.