Hood: Outlaws And Legends Announced For PS5, Coming Next Year

Sony unveiled Hood: Outlaws And Legends for PS5 at today's State of Play. The game is coming next year and you can watch the reveal trailer here.

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THC CELL44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Like the look of this game. I did think it was mix between ass creed and for honour

DaCajun44d ago

To me it kind of looks more like a medieval copy of Hunt: Showdown.

RaidenBlack44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Looks like a early glimpse at a co-op DLC for AC Valhalla.

darthv7244d ago

A Robin Hood game... could be fun.

Relientk7744d ago

My main question is: does it have single-player? If that answer is yes, then I will be excited.

darthv7244d ago

You mean you wouldnt want to be online with other merry men?

phoenixwing44d ago

That's sexist women can be merry I'm outraged /s

caddytrek44d ago


I get the impression you'd rather play in the woods with a bunch of dudes in spandex.

Not that i'm judging, that's fine by me.

phoenixwing44d ago

I added the sarcasm at the end to show I'm joking but I did seriously think that women can be merry men for this game

Relientk7744d ago

Well, I'm not into men, no matter how merry they may be

rainslacker44d ago

The men in the trailer didn't look all that merry.

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The story is too old to be commented.