HITMAN 3 adds PS VR support for launch in January 2021

Immerse yourself in Agent 47’s next adventure and play the entire World of Assassination trilogy in VR

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crazyCoconuts42d ago

That could be incredible. Great add to the VR catalog.

morganfell42d ago

This, the PSVR support, was the lynch pin that made it a buy for me.

-Foxtrot42d ago

It's nice when they give players the option as free update after launch and don't compromise the franchise by forcing players to play the game first person in some big franchise shake up.

They did the game as it was and added VR support later

phoenixwing42d ago

As someone who doesn't plan on buying VR I like the route you describe fox

caddytrek42d ago

Cool, it's nice to see big developers giving their support for PSVR. I really hope the new RE game has VR again.

SullysCigar42d ago

This was HUGE!

Did not see this coming at all. Tonnes of content there!

Agent_00_Revan42d ago

Yea this is awesome. I'm still finishing up all the challenges from both games, but this will make me want to play the games again.

GaboonViper42d ago

Those fiber wire kills are gonna be brutal, expect outrage from the do-gooders with "Evil videogames" crap LOL.

DragonWarrior1942d ago

Bring back the good ol' days of complaining about evil video games like Manhunt 1 and 2!

jukins42d ago

Awesome havent really played hit man but give it to me in vr? Game sold. Or is this one of the psplus titles that I already have?

Agent_00_Revan42d ago

You might have season 1. But I don't think that game will get a VR update. Might only be in Hitman 3, which allows you to play season 1 & 2.

elazz42d ago

They said the whole trilogy will be playable in VR

Agent_00_Revan42d ago

Yes they did, but what I was saying was its only for Hitman 3. You can play the whole Trilogy in Hitman 3, but VR is not coming to the Hitman 1 or 2 games. Just their locations WITHIN 3.

From the article :
"That’s right! Every location from the World of Assassination trilogy can be played in VR, when you play them in Hitman 3"

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The story is too old to be commented.