State of Play | August 6th 2020 [ENGLISH]

The episode is weighing in at 40+ minutes(!). They have got a great lineup in store featuring plenty of new gameplay footage and other game updates.

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darthv7246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

braid was always fun. Nice to see it come back. The pathless looks interesting as well.

GunHoCharlieA146d ago

Man, couldnt nevah get enough

Abracadabra46d ago

Sony still waiting for Microsoft to announce price...

robtion46d ago

Sony should focus on quality over quantity when it comes to events and what they show off. This kind of show/event just generates disappointment and that results in ambivalence and generates negativity.

TechnoGoat46d ago

Sony should do what the hell they want, gamers should learn to read the news posted almost a week prior to an event to know what they are getting into.

oasdada46d ago

They already cleared this up before hand that theyll focus mostly on third party ps4 and vr games so dunno what ur talking about

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leemo1946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Sony said to really lower your expectation for this, well I'm glad they said that before this event happened cause it was very meh indeed.

Marquinho46d ago

Not sure why they needed an event to show off what they've shown. GodFall was the main card but man... that game looks random and uninspired.

sprinterboy46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Godfall looks OK tbh, the usual day1 launch title , but the AI sucked ass. It'll be one of them games like warframe was for ps4 maybe with alittle nice community but nothing more.

JEECE46d ago

Yeah there were some interesting things but nothing that necessitated an event. It almost makes me wonder if this was supposed to be the PS5 event and then they changed their minds in the last few weeks but decided to keep an event anyway.

dumahim46d ago

Most State of Plays are pretty "meh." It's only recently that people seem to expect more out of them.

CaptainHenry91646d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Just like a lot of games for example Halo Infinite. Looks so uninspired

ShadowWolf71246d ago

Because I heard of several games that are now on my radar which I otherwise would probably never have known about?

Seems to me that's reason enough to stream trailers on your channel.

CobraKai46d ago

It reminded me of that early PS3 game Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom which was also an uninspired launch game

jznrpg46d ago

Godfall looks like it could be a decent game . I’ll give it a try being a launch game .

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JEECE46d ago

As much as I hate to defend "meh," because it's one of the most annoying fake words, this event was just unnecessary. There were cool trailers and some interesting info, but certainly nothing that justified an event.

RaidenBlack46d ago

The Hitman VR reveal was the only part I liked that was new.
and other than that obviously ...

hulk_bash198746d ago

With Ghost of Tsushima already released, Sony should really focus all efforts on the PS5. This State of Play was unnecessary, almost everyone's mind is already on the next generation. People want a release date, price point and confirmed launch titles.

outsider162446d ago

Man..damned if you still support games for ps4 and damned if you don't. Make up your minds will ya.

Just the other day i was reading comments about how Sony was ditching its 110 million players and being anti consumers and moving on to PS5. Meanwhile MS is the saviour, the pro consumer, not leaving their players behind.

hulk_bash198746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Im done with this gen, I never whined about leaving my PS4 behind. The last release i was waiting for was Ghost. But more power to anyone excited for whatever PS4 games are coming out.

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RamRod8846d ago

How uneventful. Started Strong with Crash and then went downhill from there.

Silly gameAr46d ago

Not sure what you were expecting.

caddytrek46d ago

I was expecting this type of comment from him.

Silly gameAr46d ago


It would be different if Sony promised a huge showing with blockbuster games, but this is pretty much the show I expected.

The Pathless looks freaking sick, and I'm interested in a few of the games they showed. Godfall still looks meh. I hope it gets a better showing next time.

Sony showed upcoming games, and VR. They did their job. I'm really not sure what people were expecting.

RamRod8846d ago

I kept hearing from Sony fans after the ps5 event, how Sony is hold back games for the August State of Play so I was expect more news for the ps5. More new games.

You have no room to talk.

Silly gameAr46d ago


Well, there's your problem. You listened to fans and got hyped up. Next time you might want to listen to the people that know what they're talking about. If you were expecting more and was let down, then that's all on you.

RamRod8846d ago

Even if I wasn't expecting much, I would still be disappointed. I'm clearly not the only one who felt it was lackluster. I don't understand why so close to launch they wouldn't focus more on the ps5.

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TechnoGoat46d ago

Guess you missed the memo..

where-eagles-dare46d ago

I was going to preorder ps5, but after watching this, there is absolutely nothing I want to buy apart from Spider-Man. God Fall Looks very derivative and I much prefer ghost of Tsushima for its gameplay and art style. I am now going to hold off until next year to buy ps5, when there are more games available that are more my cup of tea.

-Foxtrot46d ago

I all fairness they even said this wasn't a PS5 focused event.

where-eagles-dare46d ago

Fox, the only thing that has wowed me so far, that looks next generation in quality, has been the Unreal engine five demo.

So far, neither Microsoft nor Sony has given me a reason to upgrade to a next generation system this Christmas.

nirwanda46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

@where-eagles-dare ms flight SIM looks next gen 2000000gb of textures, horizon 2 although only a trailer looks next gen.
Forza and GT7 look good.
Ratchet looks like a Pixar film.
And bright memory has really good ray tracing.
Edit hellblade 2 and project mara look good too same as horizon 2 just a trailer at the min

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jznrpg46d ago

This wasn’t a PS event but they did show 2 PS5 games . The first one looked decent don’t know much about it though . The other was a Pokémon clone . But yeah . This event wasn’t to show why to buy a PS5 . Anyway , Sony always delivers , if you aren’t going to buy one at launch just one more for someone else .

tombfan46d ago

This wasn't a PS5 event... they said it was PS4 - PSVr mostly...

where-eagles-dare46d ago

I knew that the event was not ps5 focused, I am just stating that neither company has shown me anything that makes me want to upgrade before Christmas.

tombfan46d ago

Then, wait, no-one's making you buy it on launch day.

AnotherGamer46d ago

They already said like 3 days ago not to expect any major ps5 announcements and this was gonna focus on ps4, ps vr and existing ps5 games. Its like people don't even bother to read.

sprinterboy46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The most stupid comment of lockdown goes to "where eagles dare"

where-eagles-dare46d ago

You are all misinterpreting my point, which is that for me, neither microsoft nor sony, has at any of their recent events shown, in my opinion, a must have system seller that will get me to pre order before chistmas. I will just wait a few months. I know great things are coming. If on the other hand they show spider man gameplay and it looks awesome, then i will preorder.

blackblades46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Stop trolling

RosweeSon46d ago

Until the rumoured event at end of the month. PS5 haven’t revealed half of what’s going on yet I’m not saying rush out Day1 but maybe less dramatics they literally said this isn’t a ps5 focused event they still have a very popular current console that they aren’t gonna drop over night 🤓✌🏻😜

where-eagles-dare46d ago

I'm not in any way, shape, or form being 'dramatic.' I am just, very simply expressing disappointment that I have still not had that 'wow' moment from any show so far. I'm loathe to criticise, but God Fall, to me, looks generic and most of the other stuff, apart from Miles Molares Spider-Man game, along with Ratchet which both look awesome, some titles still look like current generation. As I stated, I knew this wasn't primarily PS5 focused.

Look at the personal attacks that are calling for the moderators, my comment is 'the most stupid of lockdown' and that i'm trolling or that I have multiple accounts, which I most certainly don't, all because I'm going to wait a few months to upgrade. I'm already passed fed up commenting on this any further & wish I never bothered now.

Knushwood Butt46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

@ where

I could believe it when you said you haven't seen any system sellers (even though launch lineup hasn't been announced yet) but you shot yourself in the foot by saying you are going to wait until Easter 2021. Are some cool system sellers coming out at Easter 2021, or something?

SurgicalMenace46d ago

I'm going to buy 3 PS5s on day one, not because of the games but to support the industry. I am not so naive to believe that they have to give me every advantage upfront. Experience has shown that Sony is a company that aims to deliver no matter what. To each their own.

Gamerking8246d ago

I feel the exact same. I will be waiting until some time next year.

where-eagles-dare46d ago

Cheers Gamerking82. That put very simply is all I'm saying as well, is that I'll wait until next year when more games are available that I want, hopefully by Easter such as Resident Evil which are system sellers to me (A point knushwood butthole above fails dismally to grasp) & I'll have more money saved up by then to get the 3d headphones. If however Sony or Microsoft show me something that blows me away in the meantime, then I'll pre-order.

anubusgold45d ago

God fall looks like another Too human lol.

dietis_h45d ago

this wasn't ps5 focused but okay.

where-eagles-dare45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

If you read what I said on 'multiple' occasions, I knew the event was not PS5 focused, even though Sony chose to show multiple PS5 titles in Godfall, Bugsnax, Hood & Pathfinder.

This perfectly illustrates my point, which is that none of these titles are 'jaw droppers' which will get me to part with my cash before Christmas and I'll simply wait a few months until games are available that are more my cup of tea such as Resident Evil.

I utterly despair at what this website has become & gamers reading , attitude & lack of comprehension. This site in the old days of the bubble system & open zone was the go to place for a wonderful touch of humour. Now this site is just laden with angry little people who cry foul if you dare to have the temerity to criticise anything whatsoever regarding their console of choice.

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-Foxtrot46d ago

No matter how much they show off Godfall, I just....I just don't care

I don't know what it is and it even has that "next gen launch game" element going for it.

BrianOBlivion46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

It's especially difficult to even regard it as "next-gen" when all the gameplay footage they show is always slightly blurry.

caddytrek46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Well duh you're watching a streamed version of the game.

BrianOBlivion46d ago

@ caddytrek

Did you watch the same presentation that I did? I streamed the State Of Play over a 1000Mbps connection to 4K TV. Everything was a crisp 1080p (the stream's max bitrate) EXCEPT the Godfall content which looked like garbage.

BrianOBlivion46d ago

edit: resolution, not bitrate.

RaidenBlack46d ago

Even Outriders is starting to look better than this.

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I_am_Batman46d ago

Personally I don't care because it's a looter slasher. I think the combat looks cool, I just can't get excited for the gameplay loop of loot-based games.

tombfan46d ago

After watching the game-play it just feel bland and imprecise, also their excuse of "Being aggressive" sounded more like a "Prepare to button mash" from a showing that's supposed to have an amazing gameplay there where just a lot of errors of slashing and camera.

sprinterboy46d ago

Game looks interesting but the AI sucked balls

rainslacker46d ago

Probably would have helped if the person playing it for this showing didn't look like a button masher who didn't care about learning the mechanics that well. Watching the guy back up all the time on the extended fight with the big guy was not all that exciting, and is the kind of thing I do constantly in games where I'm unsure of how to do the fight. Other random times it seemed like he'd be in the middle of an attack, but not really trying to do cool stuff with the combos.

I also felt when they described the combo system, they tried to sell it pretty hard, when it seemed mostly kind of typical of hack and slash games, just with different features to various button presses.

Petebloodyonion46d ago

Well I feel that the game try to hard to be a GOW clone.
Is this a PS5 showcase title ?
Probably not but can this be fun? yeah sure.

sprinterboy46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Exactly it'll be fun, but it'll be a launch title which does just OK which we get all the time at launch. It'll do well and get a small following like warframe did etc imo
I'm gonna buy it but won't go hyping it up, it'll be a enjoyable game but nothing new or amazing

sprinterboy46d ago

Not every game is made for you, you know?

-Foxtrot46d ago

It's called voicing an comment was directed at know