U.S. best selling video games: Week of August 1, 2020

This week Ghost of Tsushima has retained its position at the top of the US sales chart, even though it saw a decrease in sales of 36 percent week-on-week.

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caddytrek55d ago

Sony is riding high on back to back top performing titles. The strongest way to enter into the next generation

notachance55d ago

yeah they could easily put TLoU 2 and GoT to pad PS5 launch titles like MS did to Halo Infinite, but the madlad be like "nah let's just release them few months before back-to-back"

NJShadow54d ago

Yeah, it's going to work out well for them with the repeat purchases, too, much like when "The Last of Us" re-released on the PS4. I'm sure they have alternate versions already optimized for the PS5 (or will soon), and I absolutely plan to pick them up (unless Sony is awesome enough to provide free upgrade options or something).

Elda55d ago

Not surprising. I'm enjoying every minute of the game.

NJShadow54d ago

I love the fact that there's enough to do that you can focus on one aspect, get bored, move onto something else, get bored, and continue with that cycle. It's enough to continually feel fresh and engaging. Just when I was getting a little tired of constant swordplay, I kicked it into "Metal Gear Solid mode", whipped out the Ronin armor, and went to town on some mongol bases like Solid Snake. Such a blast.

TheRealTedCruz55d ago

Animal Crossing still going strong after all these months.

TheColbertinator55d ago

Great game for quarantine. I vouch for this personally.

TheRealTedCruz54d ago

4 disagrees (so far) despite the fact Animal Crossing is relevant to the article, and is still holding in the top sales spot months after release.

Oh. Right. I forgot this was purely to prop up Ghost of Tsushima. My bad.

tochi55d ago

I finally got Platinum Trophy.

Now I am looking forward to playing it again on PS5.
If SP can bring some meaningful updates for the next generation, this game may well be first killer title on PS5.

janus22555d ago

More all PS4 exclusives (Horizon, God of War etc...) need next gen upgrade.

NJShadow54d ago

I think a fully-realized "Ghost of Tsushima" on PS5, with basically no compromise, is going to be an absolute sight to behold. I can't wait. While I LOVE the game, I understand the limitations with current hardware, so once those limitations are gone, BRING IT ON.. AGAIN!

55d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.