Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Now Has a Whopping 234 GB File Size

I don't know what to say at this point, but well it has finally happened. Call of Duty Modern Warfare file size exceeds more than 200 GB on PC. This isn't good news for those who are using 256 GB of SSD for Games.

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seanpitt2355d ago

This shouldn’t be allowed it’s ridiculously laughable

FullmetalRoyale55d ago

I agree. Idk how this can be allowed on any platform. It is completely ridiculous.

kparks54d ago

Agreed most my games are around 40gb or so ghost of tsushima, trails of cold steel, death stranding then you got call of duty with over 200gb such lazy developers, how is a game patch the same size as entire other 80hr long games?

Muzikguy55d ago

This is so lazy. I don't see allowed either. Just stop releasing updates weekly if that's what it takes and fix it

54d ago
Muzikguy54d ago


I refuse to make excuses for this to be ok. No other game, not even the insanely long running GTA with its online is this large

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Axonometri55d ago

Maybe future physical media games should come on a cartridge based on an NVMe SSD.

Jin_Sakai55d ago

Or certain developers should learn how to better compress their data. This is ridiculous!

Shaggy230454d ago


You want games to cost roughly $150?

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kenpachi55d ago

Ps4 game slightly went down with the new patch 196 to 189

Rebel_Scum54d ago

Waiting for the “OMG they’re removing content” idiots to be appear lol.

RosweeSon55d ago

So can you even get that on the base model 500gb consoles as that is ridiculous free to play as you need a new hard drive to install it all 😂😂😂

CDbiggen55d ago

I have a base 500gb PS4 and I never thought I'd never need a hard drive as I never buy digital and I delete install data for games I complete. Turns out this game proved me wrong 😆

franwex55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

On my regular xbone it’s 100gigs. So it actually went down overall with the update.
Still a lot, but manageable. If it’s more on PC-I can understand why. Plus it’s also expected that PC player’s HDD are larger than consoles.

luckytrouble55d ago

No way is it only 100GB except if maybe you only have Warzone. Might want to double check you're reading that number correctly or that you actually have the full game. Or that you aren't rounding down insanely from 185GB or something.

franwex55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I have the full game sir/ma’am. I was at 104 gigs, now it’s 100. Activision promised the file size would go down. It did (by a whopping 4 gigs!). Not sure if the game knows that my system is crap and cannot handle 4K graphics, so therefore we’re not installed. But that’s my size for the full thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.