Xbox Posts Hilarious Music Video About Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass

Ethan writes: "Sometimes your favorite Xbox Game Pass games have to leave the service. Those can be sad times, and the people working at Xbox apparently agree."

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RazzerRedux54d ago

Hilarious? Meh...not so much.

darthv7254d ago

I like that they can have fun with this. More people need to lighten up and not be so serious about games leaving.

RazzerRedux54d ago

I agree. I just didn't think it was funny, much less "hilarious". It was cute though.

Silly gameAr54d ago

That's why MS released it. If they can poke fun at it, then everyone else should be able too. I guess people were on them about games leaving gamepass, so they decided to make a fun, little song out of it for people to have "fun" with.

KGEthan54d ago

That's understandable. Personally, the Comic Sans font and the editing quality gave me a good laugh.

LordoftheCritics54d ago

I don't know why I cringed while watching it. I was expecting something funny tbh.

The headline hyped me up for no reason.