Horizon Zero Dawn's PC port is deeply disappointing

Alex Battaglia of DigitalFoundry writes, "In the wake of Kojima Productions' generally excellent Death Stranding PC port, expectations were sky-high for Horizon's PC conversion. With that in mind, it's both baffling and extremely disappointing to see the port fall so far short of expectations."

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Marquinho47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

😩 I Pre-ordered this game hoping for a great port. * sigh *

How discouraging. Hope they patch this soon... with DLSS 2.0 included.

This was (and probably still is) a big chance for Sony to penetrate the PC Gaming market, which is huge. I don't see how they could let this happen.

RaidenBlack47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I doubt DLSS will get included ...

Tech546d ago (Edited 46d ago )

(mixed reception overall.)

Dissection -
right off the bat the pc version offers visual boosts even at medium settings.
however with most of it's advanced features enabled it makes it difficult for any pc performance to enjoy. (even a 2080ti) DF - "with the stutters No PC is going to be running this at a locked 60fps or even a locked 30fps."

extra - the so called "dynamic grass" feature is merely a texture distortion effect. (which seems to be only at 30fps)


Kudos to Sony and Guerilla games for wanting to broaden Horizon's player base, even if it didn't seem to work out for them.

The industry needs to look at the Coalition as to how to properly handle PC ports.

AcidDvl46d ago

LMAO, yeah sure, look at Coalition's work, with Gears 5 having 5-6 crashes during my SP playtime, what a stable port.

SierraGuy46d ago

PlayStation....the best place to play 🤪

xplaystationfella46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Kudos? If its planned to go on another platform that can perform better and not be utilized, then...Kudos? You did give credit where deserved with Coalition. But, either get on the pot and sh!! when you should or just hold it for yourself.

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Zarock46d ago

More reason to just buy a PS5 games just work.

nowitzki200446d ago

Who said we wont? But thats not what this is about.

starchild46d ago

The vast majority of games "just work" on my PC too.

Hopefully this one will be patched. I guess they just don't have enough experience making PC games. I already own it on my PS4 Pro, so I'm ok either way.

KwietStorm46d ago

Please let us know all these PS5 games that just work and never ship broken or lacking in features or quality.


You have access to the PS5?

Christopher46d ago

Nah. If you put a game on a platform, it should work to it's best at that time. There's no reason to hold back on s port.

BenRC0146d ago

Why I gave up pc gaming. Spending 2 hrs replaying levels to find the "sweet spot" graphically is just boring. Sling a disc in and play, I'll take the graphical hit for ease of use.
Same reason no one cares about 4k discs and just uses netflix

TheOptimist46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

If I wnate games to be "just functional" then I would get a console for sure.

Next gen I mean. PS4 and Switch just made it evident that consoles aren't for me.

PurpHerbison46d ago

Almost every console game I have played in the last 2 generations has needed some kind of significant patch after release.

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OtterX46d ago

I'm sure it will be updated. You'll be penetrated soon enough.

Marquinho46d ago

Looks like you enjoyed the experience 😜

jairusmonillas46d ago ShowReplies(1)
RgR46d ago

Maybe they're not that invested?
Just a thought.

Marquinho45d ago

After playing it, I have to say I haven't seen such a badly optimized game on PC since Batman Arkham Knight.

It's technical issues took away my desire to play it. I'll have to wait for a patch. * ugh *

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RazzerRedux47d ago

"A 35GB day one patch arrived on the same day as the embargo lift - hence the delay in publishing our review - but the many and varied problems are still in effect in the code that makes its way to players."

That sucks.

RaidenBlack46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

In other news:
The ray-tracing feature logo has been removed from The Medium's Xbox Series X page.

porkChop46d ago


1) That doesn't really mean anything.
2) How does that relate to Horizon?

RaidenBlack46d ago

1) How's "Sony is doomed" related to a PC port?
2)Just came across this on reddit's Xbox forum and there's no article surrounding the matter.

LightofDarkness46d ago

Oh sweet precious child, look up what "/s" means on the internet, then remove the tampon from your ass and put it where it belongs.

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Toiletsteak46d ago

This makes me sad! I was really looking forward to replying this.

JeffGUNZ46d ago

Same, I just will wait till it is patched and running better.

ColdSin46d ago

How is this even possible? Death Stranding works on the same engine and that game has an amazing PC port.

Jman155346d ago

My guess is a mixture of Death Stranding being a simpler game (no large cities, low variety of NPCs, mostly static world), perhaps it being run on a revised engine, and Kojimas constant desire to use the latest tech on all his projects.

ShadowWolf71246d ago

Kojima's team also has experience with PC ports from the Metal Gear days, and most of the folks at Guerrilla may not.

TheColbertinator46d ago


Forgot about that. KojiPro did bring in that MGSV PC team and to me they handled the port well

1Victor46d ago

@ Cold
Dead stranding was built with pc in mind know it would be ported later on Horizon wasn’t so you can’t compare them based on both having the same engine 😩uggh

Fishy Fingers46d ago

I'm not use whether this was an internal port at GG or not but maybe they should of asked Kojima's team for support :/

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