Star Trek: Lower Decks Comes To Star Trek Online

Since it has been common to add in the new shows into the game it is nice to see they are doing this. Star Trek Online, is celebrating the premiere of the animated comedy series, “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” on CBS All Access by giving players access to crew members straight from the show.

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Knightofelemia76d ago

Gene Roddenberry is literally doing warp 9 in his grave because of this show CBS has ruined Star Trek.

Garethvk76d ago

I did not like it all. Had issues with Discovery, Liked Picard, but this one...

75d ago
Godmars29076d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Not so much beating a dead horse, but hauling around the buckets of slurry you've beaten the horse into because...?

Sex phasers. Really?

Was that sort of thing already in the game?

Garethvk76d ago

They have been connecting the new shows in game as much as possible. Not much from Picard but I am sure that is coming.