The Big Question: Do Timed Exclusives Matter For PS5 And Xbox Series X?

With the next generation coming soon, will timed exclusives matter?

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Abracadabra42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

AAA timed exclusives matter a lot. Sony knows that, Microsoft forgot that. It's annoying to some gamers, but it helps sell consoles and gain market share.
Microsoft have money, but lack a competent person in front of their gaming division.

EDIT: @Rude-ro
AAA timed exclusives help sell consoles... simple timed exclusives don't sell consoles.

Rude-ro42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Most of their games are timed exclusives.
Since the 360

Godmars29042d ago

Timed exclusives don't mean anything. True exclusives are about establishing brand identity while showing what you hardware can do. Mode-7 for the SNES was exclusivity. Blast Processing for Sega was about exclusivity. The mature themes Sony allowed on the PS1 which let MGS, RE1 FF7 and a slew of other iconic titles when Nintendo was holding those back with their "Family Entertainment" mentality was exclusivity that the whole of the industry eventually adopted.

True "exclusivity" shouldn't even have to be mentioned, which is something MS have never understood. They've only exhausted and devalued the term, as far as they're concerned anyway.

Atom66642d ago

To an extent. Full exclusives are obviously a bigger deal.

Most of 360's success was Owed a lot to either full 3rd party exclusives like Gears, or long term timed deals like Mass Effect.

They haven't forgotten that. Paying for a timed deal on one big AAA likely costs the same as paying for the same deal on three AA games. That seems to be their strategy now. They're looking outside of the mainstream AAA space to make deals.

You'll get less homeruns, but if you constantly get people on base, you'll possibly drive in more runs.

But here recently, "timed exclusives" are still releasing day and date on PC. As some like to point out, why worry about the console if PC has it? We know that they are mostly different spaces, but PC availability is a factor that reduces the impact of these deals imo.

And the time periods of exclusive is growing shorter.

It obviously helps with marketing. It doesn't have much impact on me because I'm past the "need to buy day one" mentality. I think tLoU2 was only my 3rd $60 game since launch, for example.

But saying *exclusive still has its impact.

RauLeCreuset42d ago

MS didn't forget. They lost market share since the 360. It takes more money to compensate 3rd parties not to sell to the larger audience, and those dollars may not stretch as far if there's an impression that timed exclusivity on Xbox will hurt sales on future platforms once the exclusivity period expires.

darthv7242d ago

makes no difference to me... I buy all the systems anyways. So Im really not missing out on anything.

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Wotbot42d ago

Depends on for how long and how much people want the game, it’s certainly not going to hurt.

phoenixwing42d ago

If they weren't effective companies wouldn't spend the money on it.

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